Tim Cook talks numbers at Apple iPad 3 event

Apple’s iPad 3 event has begun, and the company’s CEO Tim Cook has just taken the stage to get things started. Judging by his words, the theme of today’s announcements is going to be “post PC products” (duh).

As with every Apple event, the company is kicking things off by talking about numbers. After all, numbers are what define whether or not a company is successful. And judging by this data, Apple’s doing pretty good…

  • iPod, iPhone and iPad sales make up 76% of Apple’s revenue
  • Apple sold 62 million iOS devices last quarter
  • There are now more than 315 million iOS devices in the wild
  • 362 Apple’s retail stores saw more than 110 million visitors last year
  • More than 25 billion apps downloaded from the App Store
  • Over 100 million users on iCloud now

Stay tuned for tons more coverage of today’s event!