Tim Cook

Tim Cook says ‘stay tuned’ for some kind of AR product, probably the rumored headset

Apple's CEO, Tim Cook, only has positive things to say about augmented reality, or AR. Which certainly makes sense, because the company has been rumored to be working on an AR headset, or otherwise mixed reality headset, for years. And we might actually be nearing a launch for that product. Especially considering Cook is out there in the wild, directly hinting at such a thing.

Tim Cook says it ‘feels good’ to offer parts and manuals for self-service repair options

Apple's marketing illustration for the Self Service Repair program

For what feels like the longest time, Apple has been pushing back against the idea of self-service repairs for its products. The arguments have varied, but the more consistent ones have been about user safety and wanting to make sure that the repairs get done properly. Basically, "keep it for the experts" and call it good. But, that viewpoint has changed, and now Apple's CEO is making some public comments on the matter.

Apple tells Epic Games it won’t allow Fortnite back into the App Store until verdict is finalized

Earlier this month, the judge overseeing the legal action between Apple and Epic Games came to a decision. With it, it mostly ruled in Apple's favor -- with the exception of one major ruling. However, there is still room for appeals. And Epic Games is even appealing one of the decisions on its own. As a result, it's not quite as finalized as some might hope, including Apple and Epic.

Read Tim Cook’s unapologetic memo about employees who leak Apple’s secrets to the press

As Apple's influence continues to grow, it's becoming harder and harder to keep tidbits about the company's moves and secrets about unreleased products from leaking out. And now, Tim Cook in a (leaked) memo to employees writes the company is working hard to track down those who leak confidential information, saying those people “do not belong” at Apple.

Hank Azaria is going to play Tim Cook in a series about Uber called ‘Super Pumped’, but not on Apple TV+

The majority of TV-related announcements that get covered here at iDB relate to Apple's effort, Apple TV+. However, sometimes there's an Apple-related announcement that's attached to a different streaming service altogether. Today, for instance, we hear that a legendary actor is going to play Apple's current CEO, Tim Cook, in an upcoming show on Showtime.