Tim Cook says technology will have ‘a profound influence on the future we build’ in a new open letter

Tim Cook, the Chief Executive Officer of Apple, has penned a new open letter talking about technology, humanity, and much more. As is par for the course for the leader of Apple, he’s not shy about voicing his opinion regarding the power of technology.

The Italian publication Corriere della Sera is launching a new magazine called Login, and Cook wrote an open letter for the first issue. In it, the chief executive touches on a variety of topics, even if the primary focus is technology. Cook writes about Apple’s overall commitment to several different things, including humanity and the environment, and much more.

Cook notes that the world is in a very different spot than it was just two years ago. The coronavirus pandemic, which is still very much going on, changed everything for a lot of people. And that’s true for companies, too. With so much in flux, there’s an opportunity, according to Cook, for all of us to have a “once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to shape the future we want to live in.” Cook believes it’s about focusing our resources. But, more than that, it’s where technology can truly shine as long as it’s guided in the right direction:

And while technology will clearly have a profound influence on the future we build, it is important to remember that technology is not inherently good or bad. Its impact will depend on the values ​​and intentions we place at the heart of our innovations.

Cook knows it can’t completely rely on Apple, though. He calls out innovators, especially those in Italy (which makes sense, considering the source of the magazine) to help rebuild things moving forward. And, of course, points out that Apple has the tools to help individuals tap their creativity and passion to help build those things.

Go check out the full letter for an interesting read.