Tim Cook says ‘stay tuned’ for some kind of AR product, probably the rumored headset

Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, only has positive things to say about augmented reality, or AR. Which certainly makes sense, because the company has been rumored to be working on an AR headset, or otherwise mixed reality headset, for years. And we might actually be nearing a launch for that product. Especially considering Cook is out there in the wild, directly hinting at such a thing.

Either that, or Cook is very excited about ARKit and thinks the general public should be excited about using AR apps.

9to5Mac caught the clip of Cook offering a direct hint at Apple’s future related to augmented reality. That clip came from the state-run outlet China Daily, where he tells fans of AR to “stay tuned” and that the company definitely has something to offer coming down the pipe. And that’s it. Because of course it is. Apple isn’t typically prone to just announcing a product on a news channel, after all.

However, it is one of the most direct hints offered by Cook up to this point that Apple is indeed working on some kind of headset.

The interviewer asks Apple’s chief executive what he thinks will make an AR product successful, and Cook replies that he “couldn’t be more excited” about augmented reality, but notes that the technology is “in the very early innings” of its lifespan.

Here’s the clip, shared on Twitter by @cesarberadini:

As mentioned above, rumors have been rampant over the last few years that Apple is working on some kind of AR headset. Those rumors have even cropped up in 2022. We’ve heard that the company has tested its headset in front of board members, suggesting it is nearing a public launch. And Cook has spoken positively about AR (just as he does in this CD interview) at just about every opportunity. Cook has said AR’s promise is great, and he’s said that the technology is “critically important” to Apple.

Just what Apple’s AR headset will look like, and what it will actually do, remains a mystery. But, we may be closing in on an actual launch.