Tim Cook says it ‘feels good’ to offer parts and manuals for self-service repair options

For what feels like the longest time, Apple has been pushing back against the idea of self-service repairs for its products. The arguments have varied, but the more consistent ones have been about user safety and wanting to make sure that the repairs get done properly. Basically, “keep it for the experts” and call it good. But, that viewpoint has changed, and now Apple’s CEO is making some public comments on the matter.

Tim Cook recently had a brief conversation with Rich DeMuro of news outlet KTLA (via¬†9to5Mac). They spoke about the self-service repair program that Apple just announced not too long ago, the same one that will launch in early 2022 for the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 lineups at first. According to Cook, this latest effort is for the “Popular Mechanics¬†crowd,” adding that he loves that crowd and has “been focused on” his “entire life.”

He goes on to say that it “feels good” to offer the manuals necessary to complete at-home repair processes, and that putting the tools out there is also great.

Cook went on:

Still, if you’re not comfortable doing that, we encourage you to come into the Apple Store and get it done for you. That’s still the best way, perhaps, for most people. But if you’re a technician, then have at it. Because, yeah, you’re able to do it yourself.

The brief interview touched on some other things, including trying to get Cook to talk about “what’s next for Apple.” But, obviously Cook wasn’t going to give anything away on the sidewalk in front of the brand new The Grove Apple Store in Los Angeles, California.

Apple changed its mind regarding self-service repair, and that’s a good thing for the people who like that sort of thing. The service goes live early next year, and Macs with M-series processors will be supported soon after launch. It’ll be available only in the United States at launch, but availability will expand in due time.

Apple says it will be publishing the self-service repair manuals online, via its official support website, as well. The documentation will be sent, along with the ordered parts, so the person can go through the repair process on their own time.