Apple will publish self-service repair manuals on its support site

On November 17, 2021, Apple announced its own self-service repair program. This is designed specifically around the right-to-repair movement, a response to so many demands out there in the wild that owners of iPhones and iPads and Macs (and other devices) be allowed to repair their own devices without voiding any warranties. It’s a way of thinking Apple hasn’t subscribed to for quite some time, but it finally came around.

Apple's marketing illustration for the Self Service Repair program
Image credit: Apple

Which is good news for folks who do want to handle repairs on their own. To help with that, Apple is going to sell parts and also provide manuals for repairing devices. To start, Apple’s self-service repair program will cover the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 lineups. That goes live one early 2022.

Sometime after that, Macs equipped with an M-series processor will also be covered in the do-it-yourself repair program. It all starts in the United States next year, but additional countries will get the self-repair option from Apple soon after.

Apple sent out an internal memo regarding the upcoming program, one that the fine folks over at MacRumors was able to obtain. In that memo, Apple details where it will provide support manuals for the self-service repair program. Specifically, Apple says it will make these manuals available online via its official Apple Support website.

This means folks who order self-repair kits, but might misplace the manual to actually go through the repair, can still find the documentation and instructions they need online. And, in addition to that, it means people can look at the repair process needed even before they order the kit. So if it looks too daunting they can choose another repair option.

One other detail from the memo:

Apple’s memo also said that its online parts store will be operated by an unspecified third party. While no official reason was provided, it would certainly be logistically easier for Apple to outsource shipping and receiving of parts to and from customers. A similar system is already in place for Apple Authorized Service Providers.

Making the self-repair manuals available online is a good move. Do you plan on repairing your own Apple devices in the future once this program goes live?