iPhone BatteryThe iPhone 4 battery is supposedly 20% better than the 3GS and I still can’t go one full day without having to plug my iPhone in. I realized that I’m not the only one having this battery issue so I figured I’d post a few tips to maximize the iPhone battery life.

  1. Make sure you kill those apps that are running in the background for nothing
  2. Turn off wifi if you’re not using it (Settings > Wi-Fi and set Wi-Fi to Off)
  3. Turn off 3G if you don’t need it (Settings > General > Network and set Enable 3G to Off)
  4. Turn off Push Notifications (Settings > Notifications and set Notifications to Off)
  5. Turn off Bluetooth (Settings > General > Bluetooth and set Bluetooth to Off)
  6. Turn off Push Email (Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Fetch New Data and set Push to Off)
  7. Fetch new data manually (Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Fetch New Data and tap Manually)
  8. Go through a full charge cycle each month (charge the battery to 100% and completely run it down)
  9. Turn off vibrate
  10. Auto-adjust Brightness (Settings > Brightness and set Auto-Brightness to On)
  11. Optional: turn your iPhone 4 off (just kidding)

Do you have any other tip to add to this list? Feel free to share your tips by adding a comment.

  • IJ

    Sorry, missed that the usage levels stated above left the battery at 56% 🙂

    • Antonio

      This is awesome… Thanks for the tips

  • TF

    The bad antenne is the problem. Due to this must the phone seek for signals constantly!! The batteryes will therefore be tapped faster then they should have been!

    • lucko

      yes but… if you put a 3gs and a 4 on airplane mode the 3gs will outlast the 4 so how is the 4 20% longer steve hitler jobs and his built in battery suck. maybe we’ll get a removable battery when we get a memory card slot or flash support… which means never as long as jobs has his way.

      • Tim

        You sir, are retarded.
        First of all, both the phones have the same standby times but with more life in all other processes, as listed on the apple website. The iPhone 4 just has a bigger battery, with more things going on. If you turn off all those other things, and with both the phones (iPhone 4 and 3GS) at the same settings, the iPhone 4 will last longer. I know this due to gaming on a long flight with my brother, playing the same games, for 2+ hours straight. The iPhone 4 had a higher battery percentage than the 3GS. lucko, where are you getting your information?

        Also, on a side note, Steve “Hitler” Jobs? Really? I really don’t think that that is a good comparison at all, since Hitler was a hater, while Jobs has just created a “closed” (I don’t really know the term, but you get what I’m saying) sourced product. Anyways, Apple products are built like art, that’s why they cost so much, and the fact that they have minimal outer ridges and things like that. They look nice. (the software is top notch too)

        @TF Anyways, you should probably just get a case. They don’t cost very much once you consider how much they phone and the contract are going to cost you.

  • kevin

    i don’t know about you guys but, my iphone4 is on 54% after having 4 hours 38 minutes usage time and 20 hours standby, so i can pretty much can use it for 2 days till it dies.
    However I keep my 3G off when im not using it, but yeah, pretty good (:

    • yea mine lasts a long time as well. I never keep anything running and its always on wifi.

  • angelos

    i just to ask. have you ever opend the back of your iphone 4? i mean 80% of it is the battery and 20% everything else. aplle has to do a breakthrough with the battery. and that results to go all the way around. that will only lead to perfection.

    • Jake

      I use my iPhone 4 constantly, and I only need to charge it every two or three days. The new battery capacity is amazing. My iPhone 3G needed charging twice a day and I used it the same amount as my iPhone 4

      • Jorge

        You are lucky, i charge my i4 twice a day!

  • Thao

    i don’t get what i meant by option 8…show i charge it fully and run it down completely and then charge it fully back up?

    • Nils franco

      Yes. It’s also known as a charge cycle.

  • Jonathan

    Every phone has shitty battery life! The iPhone 4 is definitely not that much different from all the other phones, I had a blackberry bold 9700 which had horrid battery life (WAY WORSE THAN THE IPHONE 4). Taking into consideration all of the amazing things my iphone does on a day to day basis it’s hard to argue the battery life is bad, even if i need to plug it in during my day. But I mean I’m a heavy user who has a normal 12 hour day and my iPhone gets me through the day fine. Just don’t have your brightness all the way up, LED lighting is very energy consuming!

    • blueberry

      Don’t know if your experience with other phones are indicative of what’s really going on out there.

      I have a Bold 9700 and receive push mail from a BES every other minute or so. I use the web browser and various other applications frequently (including games – as lame as b.berry games are). I take and make calls regularly too, yet my Blackberry can be disconnected from the charger when I leave my office Friday evening, last the weekend and I only charge it when I get in the office Monday morning.

  • KaiNeR

    BatteryDetective !!!

  • All these ways are great to save battery life, but please stay cool, use your iphone as its supposed to be. Auto updates, push notifications, that are reasons for buying an iphone! So relax, take it easy and plug in your iphone every evening!

    • Miss T

      I had a black berry pearl and I never even looked at the charger for at least two days between chargings. now I have the iphone 4 and i plug it in every evening and it still doesn’t last me till i am home at 9 pm. If it would last me the whole day I wouldn’t mind but seriously it is making me angry. Also has anyone else had a black berry then switched to an iphone 4 and noticed that the reception is very poor in comparison. I take the same trip to work and for three years with my black berry the reception was great and now I lose calls in three different areas. any feed back would be great

      • Jeremy

        The iPhone is a fancy computer, it wasn’t made to be a great phone. It was made to do everything you need to do in one small device. Yeah it has crappy reception sometimes but it has been no different from the Motorolas, Nokias, blackberrys and samsungs I have had over the last decade. I am on my 4th iPhone since the original iPhone. I don’t know that I will buy another phone ever.

  • Stu

    Can’t belive how many responses this article has got… so I thought I’d wade in,

    I’ve used Auto3G for a couple of months now and have seen a dramatic improvement in battery drain, yes you need a jailbroken phone, but if you have jailbroken I’d throughly recommend it, it takes no input once setup and lets me now easily get much more usage before a recharge.

  • Bradibiza

    I’m constantly using my iPhone 4 and need to charge twice a day. However, my laptop lasts for 3 hours at best. swings and roundabouts.

  • bill

    This is working for me. how to maximize your iphone 4 battery’s life.
    1. reinstall the firmware to the factory default by using itune
    2. do not activate your iphone yet.
    2. charge it to the maximum or leave it charge over night.
    3. activate and restore from your back up or with new setting.
    for some reasons activating the iphone will set the battery life at the point when the iphone is activated.
    it’s work for me. I left the phone over night with out charging and and up with 99%.
    good luck.

    • Mohamed

      could you please tell me how toreinstall the firmware to the factory default by using itune


  • arsepple

    Turn off this that and the other… great way to save battery, but what about usability?

    I feel (just my personal take on this and in no way represents anyone else’s thoughts), if a manufacturer builds in a feature, then the advertised battery life has to take into account the features actually being used.

  • Ellen

    I used it for about 1.5 hours yesterday and it was already on like 75 or 70 percent 🙁 Whenever I woke up it was on 50 % and it was 11 hours without charging it, in that moment.. I’m a little disappointed right now, also as I was using facebook for two minuts and it went 2 % down. I hope the tips above will help… as I am actually very happy with all my apple products :-))))

  • PS

    I am comparing oranges and apples here, but my ipad literally lasts weeks without a recharge, but my iphone on the other hand has worse battery life than my three year old 1G.

    The main culprit is undeniably the retina display and multitasking.

  • James

    Just get a few chargers and charge your phone when you get places. The Iphone 4 is more powerful then all the computers combined Nasa used to put a man on the moon, think about that before coming on here demanding that batteries weigh 1 ounce, last 100 years and are smaller then a penny.

  • Igloo

    James I must have missed the post where people made the demands you listed.

    We have a right to expect the iPhone to achieve the battery life that Apple publishes (otherwise it’s false advertising). Even close would be good. If we have to turn off all of the features we purchased the iPhone for we might as well go back to the old candy bar, phone only handsets. I get 3 days use from my work Blackberry smart phone before I have to charge it and I use it constantly. I’m sure Jobs knew there was a battery issue before the phones went on the market. He said “they will buy anything we give them: count the money jeeves”.
    I’m waiting for my 3rd iPhone to be sent to me from the company that Apple uses here. When you have turned everything off and the phone is sitting doing nothing and it drops 20% in 3 hours there is a problem. At one point it was dropping 1% every 1.5 minutes. This has happened to me twice already. Maybe number 3 will be a good one?

    • Kmkrreeves

      You should try getting an iPhone from somewhere else I know many people with iPhones and none of them have had problems like this ( and by the way why would u need ur iPhone and night three days In a row charging at night once a day is reasonable to me)

  • Holly

    Thanks for the tips I just got my iPhone 4 a couple of weeks ago and thought it seemed to be firing fast 🙁 I will try the tips above and see if it helps before my 30 day exchange period is up! Thanks again

  • Cedric

    Thanks! This is very informative, and it really extended my iphone4’s battery life.

    Here’s another tip, turn off FACETIME (settings, phone facetime on/off)
    Again, it extended my battery life to at least 3days. Go ahead try it.

  • Alex

    I waited 2 years for Verizon to carry the iphone, I am a devout Apple computer user never used anything else. I am very disappointed I have to shut off all the options just so I the battery will last.
    What the heck do have it for if I can’t know when I get emails automatically without getting a notification???? The battery lasts maybe 6 hrs during the day if have “fetch” set manually. 3 hours if I have push on. I couldn’t wait to get rid of my blackberry but at least the battery worked.

  • stuart

    ive had mine for about 3 months now and i just noticed in the past week that i get about half way through the day and have to charge it… it was never this bad… i use it alot but still… it wasnt this bad before

    • Mom2abs

      I have just noticed this as well this past week. Going down almost 15% overnight after a full charge. Mines 3 months old as well.

  • Ahmed

    The iPhone 4 is an amazing phone, but the battery life is shocking. Usually I would use it to its full potential meaning leaving everything on and it doesn’t last long. But when you turn off 3G, Notifications and Dim your light to 10% then it does last a while. I took my iPhone with me at 20% battery and done all the things I mentioned, I was out for about 4 hours and it lasted whilst I was using the Ipod constantly.
    Personally I carry them really really simple Nokias too, coz charge that phone for a day and it literately lasts over a week. If you want a 3G phone with good battery, consider the Samsung Galaxy or Blackberry because I know people with those fans and have said great things about their battery life. Even tho they are still jealous of My iPhone 4 haha even with terrible battery life the iPhone is truly amazing.

  • Denise2011

    I entirely disagree about the poor iPhone 4 battery life. I don’t know how you folks are using your iPhone, but there’s no way some of the figures given in this thread are correct. Even the benchmarks made by “objective” reviewers from MacWorld and PCWorld are wrong. I’ve performed exactly the same tests as them, and I’ve constantly bettered their battery benchmarks by at least 50% in real world usage.

    I had a 3GS before and the battery would barely last me a day at best. Because of that I’ve become very disciplined. With my new Iphone 4, I can easily last two days. During the course of the past 48 hours, I’ve:

    – Browsed the web (about 45 minutes)
    – Watched 1 movie and 1 podcast (3 hours viewing time)
    – Phoned (about 45 minutes)
    – Listened to 2 hours of music
    – Composed and sent 5 emails (est. time 45 minutes)

    My battery is down to 25% now.

    My settings:

    Push email: off. Fetch mode: 1 hour
    Facetime off.
    3G enabled. Cellular on.
    Bluetooth off.
    Multitask: used with parsimony
    Wireless on
    Data roaming off (my house is less than 20km from two neighboring countries)
    Auto-brightness off. Brightness around 35%
    Vibrate on
    Location services on
    Operator -> blocked on your operator
    IOS 4.2.1
    No jailbreak

    Another quick tip: shut off your phone’s screen manually instead of waiting for the timeout. By doing this, you will gain many minutes of “real time battery usage” if you’re constantly referring to your iPhone. If you use your phones 20 times a day, that’s effectively around 12-15 minutes of battery life that have been gained with the default timeout.

    Hope this helps. 🙂

  • I have heard that it is possible to buy a new battery to an iPhone 4 to a reasonable price. Does any one have experiences with doing that?

    • Kmk

      I’ve never done it but i hear it’s really u just have to get a box put ur phone in it and send it to china so they can put a new battery in it and pay to ship it there and back and I would imagine the batteries are cheap (sarcasm)

  • Lisa

    I have an iphone4, just upgraded from The 3G. My problem is how long the 4 takes to charge. I can’t put the phone down long enough to charge it fully! It must take 3 hours. My 3G only took about an hour but it had to be charged about 3 times a day! My 4 battery lasts WAY longer but then again, I’m a disciplined user due to the battery life of the last phone.

    Tip # 1 at top of this page…kill those apps running in the background. For those of you who don’t know how: The iPhone 4 operating system (iOS) offers a new feature called multi-tasking. Not all apps multi-task – they must be designed that way by their developers first. To launch the multi-tasking interface, double-tap the “Home” button (the round button at the bottom of the screen). To kill an app that’s running in the background, press and hold the app in the multi-task interface until it starts jiggling. Then, you’ll see a red minus icon appear on the app icon’s top-left. Tap the minus icon and the app closes. All the multi-task enabled applications stay open after you close them, so this menu can get filled up quickly if you’re a heavy app user. Maybe this will help. I’m a pretty heavy user and my battery lasts all day…much better than the 3G!!

  • Gary

    With my old 3GS I usually had to recharge every 3 days. With new 4 I have to charge every night. I only have one app (Automilez) with runs most of the time and uses location services, but it was the same on the 3GS. So for me at least, the battery life is nowhere near as good on the 4. Not sure what the point in adding all the gee-whizz gizmos is, if you have to turn them all off just to get through the day!

  • Kristi

    Thanks Lisa for the info on shutting off multi-task apps running in the background. I’m new to the iPhone 4 and have been researching tips on battery usage. I didn’t know how many apps I had running in the background that I thought were off when I closed them down. Hope it helps…alot! Great advice!

  • sb

    the problem is people are CONSTANTLY using their phones. that is something apple can’t fix. by a phone that you cant do as much with, or settle with charging it up- catch 22 people

  • Drew

    Have had my iPhone 4 (Verizon) for 2 weeks. Battery at 100% at 7am, by 8pm in the evening the battery is at 28%. Called Verizon Tech support, they recommened diabling 3G.

    Battery is at 100% 7am, it’s now 3pm and the battery is at 82%. What a shame you have to disable all the great features on this phone in order to maintain battery life for 11/12 hrs. My LG DARE saw the charger once a week. I’m seriously thinking of returning this to VERIZON. Not overly impressed.

    • Kmk

      WOW glad I have AT&T

  • G

    Thanks a lot for the info on shutting all apps running Lisa! I’m also new to the iphone 4 and you’ve just saved from having to read the manual! Thanks again!

  • My battery life always finish quickly and my problem is that my iphone gets hot all the time, and I dont use it frequently. Only if there is a notification or something like this is my battery bad or it’s a normal thing??!?

  • bob

    When you say turn off 3G, do you mean click the button at the top till the phone goes dark, or do you mean click and hold the same button and then turn completely off the iphone?

  • Simmer

    Hey guys thanks for all the tips given, they all worked for extending the battery life of my new iPhone 4… I was really disappointed, but now I’m completely happy. The advice of restoring the firmware and set it as new phone was the solution that I was really looking for… Thanks a lot….

    You can aldo try an application called BATTERY DOCTOR… It really helps!

    Good luvj

  • Simmer

    Hey guys thanks for all the tips given, they all worked for extending the battery life of my new iPhone 4… I was really disappointed, but now I’m completely happy. The advice of restoring the firmware and set it as new phone was the solution that I was really looking for… Thanks a lot….

    You can aldo try an application called BATTERY DOCTOR… It really helps!

    Good luck

  • Simmer

    Hey guys thanks for all the tips given, they all worked for extending the battery life of my new iPhone 4… I was really disappointed, but now I’m completely happy. The advice of restoring the firmware and set it as new phone was the solution that I was really looking for…

    Good luck

  • Ash

    Okay, guys.. I’ve been using iphone for almost a week, I live somewhere in Asia. With my iPhone fully charge this morning around 2 am, now here is 2 pm.. 12 hours of moderate usage.. currently my batt percentage is at 64%.. I dont know for you guys, but I think for 12 hours and only consume 38% of batt is pretty darn good?

  • James

    Sell your iphone and I promise you will NEVER need bother yourself about charging and re-charging 😀

  • Drop it in a tub of plutonium… My buddy did this, he died a week later and still doesn’t need to charge his phone

  • Anonymous

    Everyone I know doesn’t have a problem with their battery, except me! Mine won’t recharge it’s spent more time in the shop than in my hand…

  • Guest

    If I turn Everything off why will I Use iPhone????

  • m.vikas

    but iPhone did not contain bluetooth which u said in point 5