OWC intros 8 TB SSD RAID on PCIe card for new and old Mac Pros

Need more internal storage on your new Mac Pro already? Look no further than Other World Computing (OWC). The company has announced the Accelsior 4M2 SSD, its fastest-ever PCI Express-based Solid State Drive (SSD). It works in the new Mac Pro and the 2012 and 2010 models too, with configurations priced starting at $479.99 for 1 TB.

How to upgrade your 2009-2012 13-inch MacBook Pro with an SSD

13-inch MacBook Pro SSD

There are a lot of pre-Retina Display equipped 13-inch MacBook Pros still in service. If you have one and you're looking to get some more bang for your buck, it's possible with relatively little muss and fuss to upgrade them to keep them going a while longer while making them much faster than they ever were from the factory. One of the best performance upgrades you can give your MacBook Pro is to replace the stock hard disk drive with an SSD. This guide will show you how.

OWC’s external USB-C SSD offers 2TB of storage, Thunderbolt 3 & insane speeds

Canadian Mac specialists Other World Computing (OWC), which has its headquartered in Illinois, today launched what they're calling their fastest USB-C SSD yet, a new version of its standalone Envoy Pro EX with USB-C and Thunderbolt 3 compatibility, up to two terabytes of flash storage and an anodized aluminum housing for the drive featuring IP67-rated water and dust resistance.

VIDEO: How to give your Mac a significant speed boost in under ten minutes by swapping the factory SSD for OWC’s Aura Pro X2

The affordable Aura Pro X2 flash memory upgrade kits from Other World Computing (OWC) help make your old Mac feel and run like a brand-new model. These performant SSDs consume less power and run cooler than any flash drive drive before. And thanks to our video instructions, you'll be able to swap factory SSD for an Aura in under ten minutes.

Review: the Glyph Atom is one of the fastest SSDs out there

The latest MacBook Pros fully embraced USB-C. Charging, displays, and other I/O are all connected through this universal port. In a profession that is quite storage-intensive, I've spent my fair share of time researching and testing hard drives. The Glyph Atom has become my latest favorite, and has so far been my drive of choice with my new MacBook Pro.

My favorite accessories to use with the 2016-2019 MacBook Pro

Last year, I shared a roundup of my favorite accessories for my 2015 15-inch MacBook Pro. Times have since changed, and I was recently convinced to pick up a new 2017 15-inch MacBook Pro.

In this piece, I’ll pick up where I left off in my previous post by going over additional accessories that I consider essentials for my 2017 MacBook Pro. Worthy of note, these should all work with the 2016 MacBook Pro too.