Jailbreak tweaks of the week: DockX, Groups, Quart, Scorpion, and more…

Got a jailbroken iPhone or iPad, but aren’t entirely sure how to get the most out of it? If this sounds anything like you, then you’ve come to the right place.

In this roundup, we’ll showcase all the latest jailbreak tweaks released from Monday, April 27th to Sunday, May 3rd. As usual, we’ll kick things off by discussing our favorite releases first and then wrap things up with an outline of the rest afterward.

Our favorite releases this week

Counted – FREE

Counted is a simple new jailbreak tweak that adds a day-centric countdown timer to your iPhone’s Lock screen. With it, you can more easily count down the number of days to a special event, be it a Birthday or something else.

It’s somewhat unfortunate that the iPhone doesn’t already have a feature like this given the platform’s wonderful timekeeping tools. On the other hand, it wouldn’t be the first time that the jailbreak community has addressed one of the iPhone’s shortcomings.

You can learn more about Counted and where you can get it in our full review.

DockX – FREE

DockX adds a slew of useful text-editing shortcuts to the bottom of your iPhone’s native keyboard interface, including copy, paste, cut, redo, and undo among others.

What we like about DockX is that it preserves the beauty and integrity of the iPhone’s wonderful native typing experience while also bringing something new and useful to the table.

You can learn more about DockX and where you can get it in our full review.

Groups  – $1.49

Groups is a must-have add-on for iMessage and SMS addicts who have more conversation threads than they can count. With it, you can sort your conversation threads into… you guessed it… groups.

This tweak makes it easier to differentiate between personal and professional conversation threads, whether that be work vs. friends, or school vs. family. Best of all, it integrates directly into the native interface, almost as if Apple themselves had created it.

You can learn more about Groups and how it works in our full review.

Quart – $1.99

Quart is a drop-dead gorgeous Lock screen and notification UI replacement for jailbroken iPhones. It will make receiving notifications and interacting with them a lot more fun throughout the day.

With it, the Lock screen displays information in a more civilized manner, while notifications throughout the rest of iOS are less intrusive than ever before.

You can learn more about Quart and why it’s a must-have for your pwned handset in our full review.

Scorpion – $2.99

Scorpion brings a beautifully re-imagined incoming call interface to the iPhone, replacing the clunky full-screen interface with a non-intrusive banner that lives at the top or bottom of your display.

The banner is fully customizable, and includes all the buttons and shortcuts that you’d come to expect from an iPhone’s incoming call interface.

You can learn more about Scorpion and how it can improve your life in our full review.

Other releases this week

AlbumPref: Lets you choose the default Photos app album you select images from via the Messages app (free via Julio Verne’s beta repository – review)

AutoRedial: Automatically redials outgoing phone calls until they connect ($1.49 via Twickd repository)

BanAvoider: A tweak that can allegedly help jailbreakers avoid bans in certain mobile games (free via BigBoss repository)

Blanca: A gorgeous leaf-shaped redesign for iOS’ notification system (free via Packix repository – review)

CCMonoAudio: Brings a mono audio toggle to Control Center (free via shepgoba repository)

Custom SW: Lets jailbreakers customize the aesthetics and functionality of their App Switcher ($0.99 via Twickd repository – review)

DarkAlertPls: Makes even iOS’ alert messages obey iOS’ system dark mode settings (free via Chariz repository – review)

DarkSwitch: Automatically switches between light and dark mode depending on display brightness (free via udevs’ beta repository – review)

Dusky: Selectively enable iOS’ Reduce Transparency mode for individualized items (free via Packix repository – review)

IconRenamerX: A fast and easy way to rename your Home screen icons (free via BigBoss repository)

iconvibe: Brings haptic feedback to the action of opening apps (free via Packix repository)

iCTMiZ: Device customization for iOS 12 and 13 (free via Twickd repository)

Listen to Instagram Music: Lets users enjoy Instagram Music from anywhere without location restrictions (free via Packix repository)

Mitsuha Forever: The popular Mitsuha Infinity audio visualizer updated for iOS 13 (free via ConorTheDev’s repository – review)

Multipla: A re-imagined iPhone Dock with support for widgets and more ($1.99 via Chariz repository – review)

NoRecentFiles: Hides the bottom bar from the Files app (free via keshavbabu repository)

Owip (Twickd): Lets users colorize their SpringBoard ($0.99 via Twickd repository)

RoundMe: Brings rounded corners to the screen and App Switcher (free via BigBoss repository)

ShyLabels: Your app icon labels will hide themselves automatically when not in use, now for iOS 13 (free via ConorTheDev’s repository – review)

SITUM Pro: A paid version of the popular SITUM tweak with more options ($1.50 via Packix repository – review)

StopItWithTheCoins: Prevents Reddit from nagging users about coins (free via lint repository)

TikTok God: A plethora of improvements for the TikTok app (free via haoict repository)

URLSchemer: Lets users add, edit, or remove URL schemes in iOS (free via DirtyBeans repository)

WhatsATab: Lets you customize the WhatsApp Messenger app’s tab bar (free via keshavbabu’s repository)

WechatFriendCheck: An add-on for the Weechat app (free via BigBoss repository)

YouFold: A stylish ten-icon folder for the iPhone’s vertical display (free via Packix repository – review)

That just about wraps things up for this week’s jailbreak tweak roundup, but stay tuned to iDB throughout the week to remain updated regarding novel releases as they materialize.

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