YouFold helps folders take better advantage of your iPhone’s tall display

Folders can make organizing your iPhone’s Home screen a lot easier, but the native implementation leaves a lot to be desired. For example, why would anyone want to have a square-esque full-screen folder on a portrait-oriented rectangular display?

YouFold is a free and snazzy new jailbreak tweak by iOS developer Plat-Ykor that addresses this concern head-on by replacing the traditional full-screen folders in iOS with something more friendly to the iPhone’s natural display shape.

As demonstrated in the screenshot example above, YouFold provides users with a 10-icon full-screen folder experience that takes up the entire height of the iPhone’s tall display as opposed to being a nine-icon square in the center.

It goes without saying that YouFold makes better use of the available screen real estate, and if that wasn’t enough, it even provides users with one additional app icon at a glance than Apple’s native solution does.

Once installed, YouFold adds a preference pane to the Settings app where you can configure a couple of options:

Here, you can:

  • Toggle YouFold on or off on demand
  • Enable or disable haptic feedback when using your folders

At first glance, the new folder aesthetic may seem polarizing. You may even look at it with your neck cocked and your eyes crooked. But in time, it’s something that we think will grow on you as you use it with time.

YouFold is available as a free download from the Packix repository via your package manager of choice and is advertised as supporting jailbroken iOS iOS 13 devices. It’s worth noting that the tweak is the successor of a previous release called Beautyfold.

Do you plan to take advantage of YouFold, or are you happy with your Home screen’s folders as they come? Let us know in the comments below.