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4K HDR movies, John Wick 2, Split, Looper and more on sale in iTunes right now


Best summer accessories for iPhone and other Apple devices

This ridiculous accessory helps you snap epic pet photos

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tvOS 11.4 released: here is what’s new

Apple lists speakers and receivers with upcoming AirPlay 2 software support

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Video: hands-on with HomePod stereo and multi-room audio via AirPlay 2 on iOS 11.4

Apple’s poaching of Intel employees fuels rumors of custom Mac chips

Don’t expect new hardware at WWDC 2018


How to fix the annoying “missing maintainer” error in Cydia

Security researcher Ian Beer teases tfp0 exploit for iOS 11.3.1

Activator picks up iOS 11 compatibility in latest update

Monthlicon displays the current month under the Calendar app icon


The best free weather apps for Apple Watch


How to transfer contacts from Android to iPhone

How to minimize an email draft in Mail app for iPhone

How to manually offload unused apps to regain storage space on your iPhone and iPad

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How to activate the upcoming new Apple Watch Pride face right now

How to upgrade or downgrade your iCloud storage plan

List of AirPlay 2 Siri voice commands for controlling multiple speakers

How to add Facebook Events to iPhone calendar (and delete them too)


Multicolor polygon wallpapers for iPhone, iPad, or desktop

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