How to minimize an email draft in Mail app for iPhone

Have you ever been composing or replying to an email in Apple’s Mail app when a message comes in that you want to read right away? Or, maybe you want to check another message you received before replying but have already started the draft.

If this has happened to you, you probably saved the email you were working on in your Drafts and then went back to it later. But you don’t have to do this because there is an easier way. You can minimize the message you’re composing and pop it back open quickly when you are ready to finish it, and here’s how.

Several email drafts in Mail app on iPhone

Minimize an email draft on iPhone

When you are typing the email, whether composing a new one, replying, or forwarding, just swipe. Swipe down on the top of the message, and you will see it display at the bottom of the email app.

You can then navigate the app, and the draft will remain there until you are ready to complete it. Just tap to open it back up, finish your message, and that’s it.

Minimize Email Draft

Minimize multiple email drafts

Maybe you are composing more than one email at a time. No worries because you can minimize multiple email drafts in the same way.

If you minimize a draft and then start typing a new message, reply, or forward, swipe down to minimize the second one. This one will take over as the draft you see at the bottom of the screen. But your first draft is still there, too, and you can see that you have more than one.

When you are working on more than one draft, tap the one you see at the bottom, and a screen will open up showing them all. You can then move back and forth to the one you want to finish. When there is only one draft remaining, it will be the one displayed on the bottom, and you can just tap it to open and finish it.

Minimize Multiple Email Drafts

If you feel safer saving your email draft, then, of course, that’s what you should do. But now you know that you have another option that lets you peruse your Mail app in the middle of composing a message. Which will you choose?

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