How to reset the Apple Mail app to factory settings on iPhone, iPad, and Mac

Apple Mail app icon inside a red curved arrow showing it is reset

You might want to reset the Apple Mail app on your Mac, iPhone, or iPad when it doesn't update or receive new emails, or when standard troubleshooting solutions don't fix the issue. Resetting the Mail app from scratch is almost equivalent to uninstalling and reinstalling it. If you wish to have a fresh start with the Mail app, here's how to erase everything in it. After that, you can set it up again.

How to sort mailboxes by alphabetical order in the Mail app on iPhone and Mac

Mail on MacBook

The Mail app on iOS and macOS offer plenty of organization options, including the ability to sort mailboxes as per your liking. If you're someone who receives hundreds of emails in a day, then you probably have created different mailboxes to organize mails according to the sender. In such cases, you may want to organize the mailboxes in a certain order so it's easier to access.

Apple confirms iCloud Mail is experiencing some issues, may be slow or unavailable

iCloud is one of the most integral elements of Apple's business model. But, while it serves as the backbone to many other services, sometimes an outage happens. And sometimes an outage hits a specific service in particular.

Every once in a while, Apple will update its official system status page to reflect an outage of some kind. It's not as rare as some might like, unfortunately. And today, iCloud Mail users have probably already discovered the service is having some issues.