How to sort mailboxes by alphabetical order in the Mail app on iPhone and Mac

Mail on MacBook

The Mail app on iOS and macOS offer plenty of organization options, including the ability to sort mailboxes as per your liking. If you're someone who receives hundreds of emails in a day, then you probably have created different mailboxes to organize mails according to the sender. In such cases, you may want to organize the mailboxes in a certain order so it's easier to access.

Apple confirms iCloud Mail is experiencing some issues, may be slow or unavailable

iCloud is one of the most integral elements of Apple's business model. But, while it serves as the backbone to many other services, sometimes an outage happens. And sometimes an outage hits a specific service in particular.

Every once in a while, Apple will update its official system status page to reflect an outage of some kind. It's not as rare as some might like, unfortunately. And today, iCloud Mail users have probably already discovered the service is having some issues.

How to print mailing labels or envelopes for a list of Contacts on Mac

Contacts Print Mailing Labels on Mac

So many things that used to be done physically are done digitally now. And sending out cards, announcements, or invitations is one of them. But if you want to stick to tradition and postal mail these types of things to friends and family, Contacts on Mac makes it easy.

Need invitations to a party, shower, or wedding, announcements for an engagement or new baby, or cards to wish everyone happy holidays? We’ll show you how to print mailing labels, envelopes, or a mailing list from your Contacts app.

How to automatically erase deleted emails on a schedule in Mail

Mail App on MacBook Screen

If you try to keep up with your inbox, you may go through it regularly and clean it up by getting rid of unwanted emails. But after you delete those emails, do you take it a step further to remove them?

In Mail, you can configure each account to erase deleted emails on a regular basis. You can do it on a daily, weekly, or monthly schedule, or even each time you quit the Mail app. While there isn’t currently an option for this in Mail on iPhone and iPad, there is one on Mac and here’s how to use it.

How to easily work with tabs in Mail on Mac

Mail on MacBook

You’re probably used to working with tabs in Safari and even take advantage of using tabs in Finder on Mac too. But did you know that you can also work with tabs in the Mail app? This is a great way to see mailboxes and quickly switch between them.

Tabs in the Mail app work pretty much the same as the other Mac apps we mentioned. But here, we’ll go through how to use them in case it’s all new to you. So if you’re ready, let’s look at how to work with tabs in Mail on Mac.

How to insert block quotes in Mail on iPhone, iPad, and Mac

Mail Colored Quote Level on Mac

The Mail app gives you ways to format your emails like highlighting text and using customized fonts and colors. Another convenient feature is the ability to use quotes or block quotes. You’ll see this feature used mostly when forwarding or replying to an email. The original email below will be quoted. But you can use this feature to manually add quotes when composing an email.

This comes in handy if you want to, well, quote something like a statement from your boss or question from a client. But you can also use it to easily call out specific text in your email so your recipient spots it quickly.

Here, we’ll show you how to insert block quotes in the Mail app on your iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

How to resend an email with Send Again in Mail

Resend Email with Mac Mail Using Send Again

Have you ever sent an email that you wanted to send again the exact same way? Maybe the email came back undeliverable, maybe you realized you used the wrong email address, or maybe you wanted to send it to more than one person small changes.

When you forward an email, there are strings attached. For instance, there is information in the email header and the original message is quoted beneath. But if you use the Send Again feature in Mail, you are sending the exact same original email again.

Interested? Here’s how to resend emails with Send Again in Mail on Mac, iPhone, and iPad.

4 ways to create a new contact on your iPhone

Add New Contact iPhone

While you can easily create a new contact right from the Contacts app on your iPhone, you do have additional options that might be more convenient. If you receive an email, text message, or phone call from someone, you can save that person as a new contact directly from one of those items too.

If there is someone new in your life that you want to save as a contact for simple ways to communicate in the future, here are four methods for creating a new contact on your iPhone.