How to schedule an email to send later on iPhone, iPad, and Mac

Although the stock Mail applications on iPhone, iPad, and Mac don’t allow you to schedule an email to be sent automatically at a later date, there are applications you can use to do just that. Spark, for instance, is a free email app for iOS and macOS which can do just that. Besides that, the official Gmail app and its web version also support scheduling emails.

This tutorial shows you how to use Gmail and Spark on iPhone, iPad, and Mac to schedule emails to send at the day and time of your choosing.

How to schedule emails on iPhone, iPad, Mac

Why would you want to schedule emails?

There are plenty of reasons why you’d want to set an email to be sent at a future date rather than now. For example, you might want to schedule a “happy birthday” email for one of your friends now so you don’t forget when their actual birthday arrives.

For professionals, you might want to schedule an email to your boss at 5:30 AM to make it look like you’re up and working early. Or maybe you work with someone in a different time zone and want to make sure this person receives your email at a specific time rather than in the middle of the night. Delaying the delivery of the email can ensure the recipient is at his desk when the message is sent.

Either way, if you want an email to be delivered in the future, this tutorial has you covered.

Schedule emails using the Gmail app on iPhone

1) Open the Gmail app and tap Compose. If you don’t have it installed, get it from the App Store and sign in first.

2) Enter the recipient’s email address, subject line, and compose your email body.

3) Tap the three dots icon and tap Schedule send.

4) Choose an option like Tomorrow morning, Tomorrow afternoon, etc. To set a custom date and time, tap Pick date & time.

5) Set the desired date and time when you want to schedule your email and tap Save.

Schedule email in Gmail on iPhone

That’s it! You have successfully scheduled your email. It will automatically send at the set time. Since this action is on the server level, keeping the Gmail app open or your iPhone switched on isn’t necessary for the scheduled email(s) to be sent. You can see this scheduled email even on a desktop.

Cancel a scheduled email in Gmail

If you change your mind, follow these steps before the email is sent:

1) Open the Gmail app and tap the hamburger icon from the top left.

2) Tap Scheduled.

3) Tap the email to open it.

4) Finally, tap Cancel send.

Cancel Schedules email in Gmail on iPhone

If you cancel a scheduled email, it will be automatically moved to your Drafts folder, where you can delete it from there. Or, if you canceled the scheduled email because of an error, you can fix it in drafts and re-schedule it. The steps are the same if you choose to reschedule.

Schedule emails on iPhone using Spark

These instructions are written for iPhone, but the process is the same if you use the Spark iPad app.

1) Download and set up Spark on your iPhone or iPad.

2) Create a new email.

3) Fill in the recipient, subject, and body of your email.

4) Tap the email scheduling icon above the keyboard to the right.

5) Choose from one of the pre-defined schedules, or you can tap Pick date to select your custom date and time. Note that Spark allows you to schedule up to six months into the future.

6) Your email is now ready to be scheduled. To finalize, tap the email scheduling icon (or the send icon) in the upper right corner.

Schedule email in Spark on iPhone

Your email will automatically be sent to your recipient on this date and time. If you want to cancel or change the schedule in the meantime, you will find your scheduled email in the Outbox folder.

Schedule emails in Gmail on Mac

Follow these steps to schedule your emails in Gmail:

1) Visit Gmail in any web browser of your choice and compose a new email or open a draft.

2) After filling in all the details and email body, click the tiny arrow next to the Send button.

3) Click Schedule send.

Schedule email in Gmail on Mac

4) Choose a time. If you have scheduled an email in the past, you’ll also see a handy “Last scheduled time” option. To set a custom date and time, click Pick date & time > set it accordingly > Schedule send.

Set email Schedule time

You have now successfully scheduled this email. It will move to the Scheduled category in the left sidebar and be automatically sent at the desired time. You don’t have to keep the Gmail browser tab open, or Mac switched on. This scheduled email will also appear inside your Gmail app on a smartphone.

How to schedule emails on Mac

1) Download Spark for Mac and set it up with your email account.

2) Create a new email. Fill in the recipient’s email address, the subject line, and the body of the email.

3) Click the schedule icon right next to the Send button.

Prepare email to schedule on Mac

4) You may choose from one of the pre-defined dates and times or select your own, which we are doing for this tutorial. We want to schedule our email to be sent at 9 AM on February 27th. Click Set Time when ready.

Select date and time for email schedule on Mac

5) As you can see in the screenshot below, your email is now successfully scheduled. Click the blue Schedule button to finalize.

Email ready to be scheduled on Mac

Your email will automatically be sent on your set date and time. If you need to make a change to this email’s schedule or simply want to delete the scheduled email entirely, you can find this in the Outbox folder of Spark on your Mac.

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