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The best free Gmail apps for Mac

Gmail Apps for Mac-Mail for Gmail

You can certainly use the built-in Mail app on your Mac for Gmail. But maybe you’re not a fan of Apple’s Mail app or want other features. And you can access your Gmail online. But this isn’t always convenient for a quick inbox check.

With apps that were developed for use with Google’s Gmail, you can enjoy an experience different than Mail while still using a desktop app instead of the web. If Gmail is your primary email account and you want an app that fits it perfectly, check out these free Gmail apps for Mac.

The best journal apps for Mac to express your thoughts

Journal Apps for Mac - Reflection

While you can use a journal on your iPhone and iPad, and certainly write in a physical diary, there are advantages to journaling on your Mac.

First, if you sit down at your computer every day anyway, you can easily take a few moments to jot down your thoughts when you take a break. Second, it’s a comfortable way to journal. Many people these days prefer typing over writing. So using a nice keyboard rather than a pen or smaller mobile device keyboard is easier. And finally, there are some terrific journaling apps for Mac that make the process really enjoyable. You can use photos and formatting or enjoy a simplistic experience.

So if you’re ready, we’ll show you some of the best apps for journaling on your Mac.

The best coloring apps for adults and kids on Mac

Epic Coloring Book for Adults on Mac

For adults, coloring can be a nice stress relief and for kids, coloring is a fun way to get creative. We’ve shown you some awesome coloring book apps for iPhone and iPad, but what about Mac?

Maybe you want a short relaxing break from your workday without delving into an involved game. Maybe you want to let your child enjoy some computer time with something artistic. These coloring apps for both adults and kids let you all have a bit of fun on the computer.