Photoshop and Premiere Elements gain new AI features and Apple silicon support

Adobe has updated its Photoshop and Premiere Elements with full support for Apple silicon Macs and new AI-powered features for casual users.

Photoshop and Premiere Elements now use Apple chips

Moving elements in Adobe Photoshop Elements 2022
Moving elements in Photoshop Elements 2023 | Image: Adobe

Both Photoshop Elements and Premiere Elements have been fully optimized to run natively on Apple silicon Macs, taking full advantage of Apple’s custom chips to deliver speed increases across the board. Read: How to extract images from PDFs

Adobe also launched new companion apps on mobile and the web to view, create and share slideshows, currently available as English-only betas.

Both apps ship with improved editing features, new video effects, more than a hundred audio tracks to use in slideshows and over 87 step-by-step guided edits.

Use the Adobe website links below for more details on what’s new in these apps.

If you’re a creator on Instagram or TikTok, you should check out both apps.

New AI-powered features

New slideshow styles in Adobe Premiere Elements 2023
New slideshow styles in Premiere Elements 2023 | Image: Adobe

There are also new features powered by Sensei, Adobe’s artificial intelligence system in the cloud, that let you do things like add moving elements to static photos, such as moving clouds, waterfalls and more. You can now quickly export your work in formats popular on social media, including animated GIF images and MP4 videos.

With Artistic Effects, inspired by popular art styles, you can transform whole video clips with a single click. And with new collages and slideshow templates at your disposal, you can easily create attractive slideshows in a cinch.

Other improvements include peek-through overlays (to create the illusion of depth), new audio tracks in Premiere Elements and more.

The companion web apps we mentioned earlier are quite capable, too. For instance, you can create photo collages and multimedia slideshows right in your browser. The web apps also let you upload your work to the Adobe cloud to easily access your images and videos across the desktop, mobile and web.

Apple silicon optimization

And lastly, Adobe claims some substantial performance improvements on Apple silicon Macs, thanks to full support for the M1 and M2-optimized Mac systems. On Apple silicon Mac computers, Premiere and Photoshop Elements will install 35 percent and launch up to 70 percent faster, Adobe claims.

Pricing and availability

Photoshop Elements 2023 and Premiere Elements 2023 are now available for purchase from the Adobe website and various online retailers for $99.99 each. You can also buy the two apps bundled for $149.99.

You’ll need an Intel-based (sixth-generation or newer Intel chip) or Apple silicon Mac with macOS Big Sur or later, at least eight gigabytes of RAM and ten gigabytes of available storage space to install and run these apps.