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All the ways you can update apps on your Mac

Apple App Store on Mac

It's important to keep your Mac apps updated for overall performance, safety, enjoying new features, and better compatibility with macOS.

In this guide, we'll show you all the ways to update applications on your Mac. We'll cover apps you downloaded from the Mac App Store and those you got from elsewhere.

How to see all your App Store ratings and reviews

See all your App Store ratings and reviews on iPhone

If you’re someone who takes the time to rate and review apps you download, there may come a time when you want to see those you’ve submitted. Maybe you can’t remember which star rating you gave or what you said in your review, or perhaps you want to remove one or another.

You can see all of the App Store ratings and reviews you’ve submitted for both iOS apps and Mac apps. Here’s how.

How to manage Safari extensions on Mac

Safari Extensions on Mac

If you’re new to Safari on Mac, there are plenty of great features for Apple's stock web browser. One of them, like other browsers, is the ability to install extensions. These handy tools can help you do more when you use Safari. Extensions can be anything from tab savers to shopping helpers to ad blockers.

Installing extensions is easy from the App Store. But you should also periodically review the extensions you have installed. Plus, knowing how to remove an extension is essential for those you no longer want to use.

So here we’ll show you how to manage the Safari extensions you have installed on your Mac.