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How to use the Mac Look Up reference tool for quick details

Open Mac Look Up tool Maps

Your Mac comes with a handy, built-in Look Up feature that lets you get information on just about anything. Whether it’s a simple word definition or a game on the App Store, with a click you can get what you need.

While this tool is convenient, it’s one of those things you may not think about using. We’ll show you how to access and give you tips for using the Mac Look Up reference tool.

New to Mac? Learn the basics of the Mac App Store

Mac App Store Discover on Mac

If you’re completely new to Mac, one of the apps you need to become familiar with is the Mac App Store. This is where you can download apps, manage your account, and redeem gift cards.

The App Store on Mac works basically the same way as it does on iOS. But if your Mac is the first device you own in the Apple world of products, then you’re newer than new to the App Store.

We’ll show you the basics of the App Store on your Mac. From downloading apps to updating them to managing your account, here’s everything you need to know.

Not all Apple Services are created – or managed – equally

Mac App Store

Apple made a big deal on its recently quarterly earnings call with analysts about the strong growth it's seeing specifically in its Services segment. It got me thinking about how uneven Apple's efforts have been in this respect. Case in point: Look at the sad, pathetic state of the Mac App Store these days.

Is the App Store down? Is iCloud down? How to check Apple system status

Cannot Connect to App Store on iPad

You’re preparing to download that awesome new game from the App Store, latest album from your favorite artist on Apple Music, or open a work file on iCloud and suddenly you can’t access what you need.

Is the App Store down? Is there a problem with Apple Music? Is iCloud down? Rather than scrambling to get in touch with friends or coworkers to ask if they’re having trouble too, you can just head to one simple place.

Here’s how to check statuses of all Apple systems.