Keyboard shortcuts for the App Store on Mac

Apple Command Key - App Store keyboard shortcuts

Some apps on your Mac offer a huge list of keyboard shortcuts like Notes, Calendar, and Mail. While the App Store doesn’t have quite that many, there are still enough to keep you browsing for apps and games without lifting your fingers from the keyboard.

Mac App Store keyboard shortcuts

Use these keyboard shortcuts to move quickly to app categories, search for an app, or visit the previous page.

  • Discover category: Command + 1
  • Apple Arcade: Command + 2
  • Create category: Command + 3
  • Work category: Command + 4
  • Play category: Command + 5
  • Develop category: Command + 6
  • App Categories: Command + 7
  • Updates: Command + 8
  • Search: Command + F
  • Refresh: Command + R
  • Previous page: Command + [ (left bracket)
  • Previous page gestures: Trackpad – swipe two fingers right, Magic Mouse – swipe one finger right

Wrapping it up

Browsing the App Store on Mac is easy when you have handy keyboard shortcuts like these. And be sure to check out the rest of our shortcut lists in the Keyboard Shortcuts section!