How to automatically change your iPhone wallpaper every day

wallpaper changes every day

Looking at the same wallpaper every day can be boring for some. If you feel the same, you can spice things up by having your iPhone automatically change the Home Screen and Lock Screen wallpaper daily.

Plus, you can customize it to auto-change the wallpaper when you plug or unplug the charger or put the device in Airplane Mode and many other such conditions. Here's how.

How to fix shortcuts not working on iPhone

Shortcuts app on iPhone

Shortcuts, also called iOS shortcuts or Siri shortcuts, simplify tasks and even perform ones that your iPhone doesn't have a built-in app for, like converting images or downloading Twitter videos.

Follow these solutions if a specific shortcut or all shortcuts do not work on your iPhone or iPad.

How to add a contact to your iPhone Home Screen and call them in one tap

Call in one tap on iPhone

Calling someone via your iPhone's Phone app or with Siri is easy enough. But, did you know you can call someone quickly with just a single tap? You can if you add the contact to your iPhone Home Screen. When you do that, you don't have to open the Phone app and find their contact card to reach them. Just a single tap places the call.

Here's how to quickly call a person in one tap from the iPhone Home Screen.