The best free weather apps for Apple Watch

Apple Watch Weather Main Screen

What easier way is there to check the weather than with a quick glance at your wrist? If you own an Apple Watch, a handy weather app is a must-have. While there’s nothing wrong with the default Weather app, sometimes you want a bit more.

These free Apple Watch weather apps give you more options to get the most out of your current conditions and weather forecasts.

Criteria and Features

Here are a few of the things we looked for when creating this list of Apple Watch weather apps.

  • Clear complication: If you have a weather app on your Apple Watch, it just makes sense to choose one with a complication. For a fast look at the current temperature or conditions, an easy-to-read complication is essential.
  • Forecast options: While viewing current weather conditions is common, being able to see what’s on the way is important as well. Whether it’s an hourly or daily forecast, you can plan better when you know what’s coming.
  • Uniqueness: Most weather apps will give you the basics you need. So, finding one that has something different that others do not can make it more enjoyable to check the weather.

Weather Live

Weather Live Apple Watch weather apps

Weather Live is a gorgeous app on your iPhone and brings a bit of that beauty to Apple Watch. When you open the app on your wrist, you will see the current conditions along with a matching photo. Rain or shine, you will know what it’s like outside without opening the door.

Weather Live notable features:

  • Complication icons let you see if it’s cloudy, sunny, or rainy with a quick glance.
  • Weather details are available with a swipe. You can check the precipitation percentage, pressure, visibility, humidity, wind speed, and even sunrise and sunset times.
  • Hourly forecast details show you the upcoming temperatures every three hours for the current day along with a corresponding icon for conditions.

Weather Live provides just what you need on your Apple Watch with a nice picture of your weather.

  • Availability: iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Apple TV
  • Cost: Free with an option to upgrade to a subscription plan that includes ad-removal, interactive weather maps, and a hurricane tracker.

Weather Underground: Forecast

Weather Underground Apple Watch weather apps

For a complete and detailed look at the weather, check out Weather Underground. This app stands out because it provides tons of weather details on both your mobile device and Apple Watch. On your wrist, get the current conditions, forecasts, alerts, and radar along with a complication with an icon and temperature.

Weather Underground notable features:

  • Hourly and 10-day forecasts give you the big picture of what’s on the way for the current day and beyond.
  • Severe weather alerts on your wrist mean that if you are out and about, you’ll know if bad weather is coming.
  • Radar maps let you see for yourself where the severe weather is and where it’s headed.

Weather Underground is an ideal app for those who want more than just the basics when it comes to weather conditions and forecasts.

  • Availability: iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Android
  • Cost: Free with an option to upgrade to a subscription plan that removes the ads.

WeatherBug – Radar, Forecast

WeatherBug Apple Watch weather apps

WeatherBug is a terrific Apple Watch app that not only gives you the weather, but allergy details at the same time. You can see the current temperature as a complication, then open the app and swipe to see the forecast, alerts, and what’s in the air that may make you sneeze.

WeatherBug notable features:

  • Severe weather alerts in the app tell you what the alert is for and how long it will last.
  • The forecast chart gives you a cool display of the forecast for the day in an easy-to-read graph. It includes temperatures and precipitation, so you can plan your day at a glance.
  • Allergy details help those who suffer during the season. See the allergy rating and what allergens are predominant.

WeatherBug is perfect for those who want that allergy information with their weather. This two-in-one app makes it easy to see both.

  • Availability: iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Mac, Android, Chrome, and the web
  • Cost: Free with an in-app purchase option to remove the ads.

Apple Watch weather apps wrap-up

These weather apps for Apple Watch are not only free but provide features that make them stand out. Do you use one of these cool apps or do you have a different one you like that brings something unique to the table in addition to being free? Let us know!

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