Pastel wallpapers inspired by iPhone 12

It seems Apple turned both October and November into extended iPhone celebration months. While it is frustrating to wait for all four new models to arrive on store shelves and ship to homes, the amount of ongoing excitement is contagious. While tech reviewers continue to pound YouTube with unboxings, initial reviews, and more in depth reviews, digital artists continue to develop inspired iPhone 12 wallpapers. This pastel wallpapers pack inspired by the official iPhone 12 wallpapers is a great addition to your screens and our Wallpapers of the Week collection.

Surenix launches Vantaye, a Dark Mode-friendly icon theme for all iOS 14 devices

One of the takeaway new features that shipped with iOS and iPadOS 14 just a couple of weeks ago is the ability to “theme” your Home Screen’s app icons. This is one of many features from Apple’s latest and greatest mobile operating systems that seems heavily inspired by the jailbreak community. That said, it’s not surprising that some jailbreak community theme creators have started porting themes over to iOS and iPadOS 14.

Joining that list is esteemed graphic designer and theme creator Surenix, who just this week released a new Dark Mode-friendly theme for iOS and iPadOS 14 dubbed Vantaye. This theme puts a darker spin on your handset’s Home Screen app icons, and if you recall a theme for jailbroken devices that Surenix named Ayedapt that was released earlier this year, then some of these icons probably look familiar…

Ayedapt forces your iPhone’s Home screen icons to obey iOS’ dark mode setting

One of my favorite features that shipped with iOS 13 was a native system-wide dark mode that’s both aesthetically pleasing and easy on the eyes at night. Unfortunately, Apple left the Home screen’s app icons out of the picture when making dark mode a reality for stock iOS devices.

Here to address that issue head-on is a newly released jailbreak tweak/theme hybrid called Ayedapt by Surenix – a renowned graphic designer in the jailbreak community.

Pocketdex app by Majd Alfhaily and Surenix complements Pokémon GO

Although fewer people are as excited to play Pokémon GO today as when the game first launched last Summer, it still stands as one of the world’s most popular mobile games.

A new Pokémon GO companion app called Pocketdex is now available on the App Store, and was created with love by two prominent members of the jailbreak community: iOS developer Majd Alfhaily and graphic designer Surenix.

Add a splash of color to your Status Bar icons with Aerial

Fresh off the press is a new jailbreak tweak dubbed Aerial, which offers you the ability to add a splash of color to just about any of your Status Bar’s indicator icons.

The tweak has been developed by a team called PolyTweaks, and at the heart of its design is well-known graphical designer Surenix, but the developer behind its creation has chosen to remain anonymous.

Surenix releases Power 2, an iPhone battery life companion app for Apple Watch

Thientam Bach, better known by a large amount of the jailbreak community as Surenix for his design work on high-end themes and jailbreak tweaks, released his first app in the App Store last year called Power.

It was essentially an information-based app that showed data about your iPhone's battery level on your Apple Watch at a glance. But because so much has changed in iOS 10 and watchOS 3, Bach has released Power 2 in the App Store on Thursday with new features and support for the latest operating systems.

Leaf for iPhone review: a new, design-focused way to browse Twitter

Ever since Apple integrated support for Twitter sharing into iOS, I've been an avid Twitter user. It's where I get the majority of my tech headlines, an occasional dose of national or world news that makes it past my Tweetbot mute filters, and how I discover most of my new apps and friends, even. It also happens to be where my app discoveries, tech opinions, and bad jokes get posted. If you're not following me on Twitter, you're probably better off for it, but I'd appreciate you giving it some consideration regardless.

All this results in me becoming keenly interested when a new Twitter app is released, and the latest addition to the many clients I've tried is Leaf, a brand new app designed by Surenix and developed by iPlop, both prominent members of the jailbreak scene. Based on my experiences thus far, Leaf is best described as an alternative to Twitter's official client rather than an opponent of Tweetbot, the Twitter power user's app of choice. If you dislike Tweetbot for whatever reason but aren't entirely satisfied with Twitter's default option, Leaf may be for you.

Depthicons by Ryan Petrich & Surenix brings parallax effects to your app icons

Every once in a while, a jailbreak tweak hits Cydia that offers a fun new aesthetic to your iOS device(s). Some end up becoming hits, while others slowly disappear into the archive of Cydia's ever-expanding jailbreak tweak library.

Depthicons on the other hand, a new jailbreak tweak release created jointly between developer Ryan Petrich and designer Surenix, may just end up being the next hit, and we'll show you why in this review.

Auki 2 is in development, teased by Surenix

Auki—the Quick Reply and Quick Compose tweak released by Surenix and Bensge back at JailbreakCon in 2014—has a sequel in the works. Auki 2 is currently deep into development, and is the the result of a new collaboration between designer Surenix and developer Pimskeks.

Messages app tweaks like Auki are few and far between these days, especially with the demise of biteSMS, but Auki 2 looks poised to change that notion.

WinterBoard now works with iOS 9

Good news for those of you who are into theming your jailbroken iPhone—WinterBoard, the framework that's pretty much the standard for theming iOS devices, is now compatible with iOS 9. This means that you can now enjoy all of the many wonderful themes available on Cydia with the latest available jailbreak.

Power for Apple Watch updated with notification alerts, UI updates, and various fixes

It's always nice when someone from the jailbreak community ventures over to the App Store and goes "legit". Quite a few jailbreak community members have done so in the past, and Surenix, frequent jailbreak design collaborator and theme creator, is one of latest to do so.

The first edition of his App Store release, Power, bought glanceable iPhone power levels to your Apple watch. The newest update, version 1.1, adds notifications to the mix.

With Power 1.1 ($0.99), you can now be notified when your iPhone reaches specific battery levels. You'll can even receive an Apple Watch notification when your Phone battery is fully charged.