Surenix releases Power 2, an iPhone battery life companion app for Apple Watch

Power 2 app and notification

Thientam Bach, better known by a large amount of the jailbreak community as Surenix for his design work on high-end themes and jailbreak tweaks, released his first app in the App Store last year called Power.

It was essentially an information-based app that showed data about your iPhone’s battery level on your Apple Watch at a glance. But because so much has changed in iOS 10 and watchOS 3, Bach has released Power 2 in the App Store on Thursday with new features and support for the latest operating systems.

Power 2 – iPhone battery info at a glance

Just like the original Power app, Power 2 is built off of pretty much the same backbone, however Glances aren’t a thing in watchOS anymore, so the app had to be reconstructed for compatibility with the Dock on the Apple Watch.

Inside the app, you’ll see a full-screen representation of your iPhone’s battery level right on your wrist. The app refreshes this information once every 30 minutes, so it doesn’t impact your power usage too much.

The app also provides complications for your various watch faces, which look different depending on the type of watch face you are using:

Power 2 watch face and glance

The complications can tell whether your iPhone is fully charged, is charging, or if it’s in Low Power Mode, and it will indicate this to you depending on the situation.

The app can give you notifications throughout the day based on changes to the power status of your iPhone, such as when it’s done charging and as it reaches different tiers of power. The different power tiers include the following:

• Full Charge
• 95% – 85%
• 55% – 45%
• 20% – 10%
• 9% – 1%

Background App Refresh is required for notifications to work, so you’ll need to enable this feature from Settings → General → Background App Refresh → Power 2 on your iPhone to take advantage of them.

I can’t really say Power 2 is anything truly groundbreaking in terms of functionality, however it’s well-designed by a guy that brings a lot of high-quality concepts to life on jailbroken devices. At just $0.99 in the App Store for a limited time, purchasing his app will give you a new bell/whistle on your Apple Watch and can help go towards a coffee for Surenix.

What are your thoughts on the Power 2 app for Apple Watch? Share in the comments below!