Pastel wallpapers inspired by iPhone 12

It seems Apple turned both October and November into extended iPhone celebration months. While it is frustrating to wait for all four new models to arrive on store shelves and ship to homes, the amount of ongoing excitement is contagious. While tech reviewers continue to pound YouTube with unboxings, initial reviews, and more in depth reviews, digital artists continue to develop inspired iPhone 12 wallpapers. This pastel wallpapers pack inspired by the official iPhone 12 wallpapers is a great addition to your screens and our Wallpapers of the Week collection.

Pastel wallpapers: iPhone 12 variants

iPhone 12 color ways feature a bold (navy?) blue, but the green and even red colors are a bit soft. I really enjoy the hues for this year’s iPhone 12 devices and even think the softer (PRODUCT)RED device has a pleasing, almost peachy hue. However, if I were going for a new iPhone 12, you would find me grabbing a mint green version.

The official iPhone 12 wallpapers are reminiscent of the iPhone 12 event invitations. The rounded design had some armchair pundits linking the imagery to AirTags, an unreleased GPS locator puck similar to Tile. However, the concentric circles may draw inspiration from a wave form, that tips hat to the new 5G cellular capability.

Pastel wallpaper downloads below are the handiwork of @Surenix, which is a name you are familiar with if you are a jailbreaker. Surenix is an extremely popular designer in the jailbreak community and is famous for works including icon packs, most recently ayeris for iOS 14.

iPhone 12 pastel idownloadblog surenix Blue_Ceramic_Wallpaper

Pastel blue wallpaper for iPhone

Pastel green wallpaper for iPhone

iPhone 12 pastel idownloadblog surenix Red_Ceramic_Wallpaper

Pastel red wallpaper for iPhone

Pastel white wallpaper for iPhone

iPhone 12 pastel idownloadblog surenix Black_Ceramic_Wallpaper

Pastel black wallpaper for iPhone

Our iDB wallpaper gallery is curated by me, via @jim_gresham. If you have a great wallpaper, set of wallpapers, tips for finding great wallpapers, or just want to see me incessantly tweeting about upcoming iPhone 12 Pro Max orders… let’s catch up!

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