Substitute updated to v2.0.12 with speed and memory usage optimizations

Sam Bingner has launched an updated version of the Substitute tweak injection method this evening, officially bringing the package up to version 2.0.12.

Substitute is used by default on the unc0ver jailbreak when installing tweaks and add-ons and can be installed manually by the end user on the checkra1n jailbreak if Cydia Substrate isn’t already being used. But regardless of which jailbreak you use, this is an update you probably won’t want to miss.

Substitute receives update to version 2.0.11 with support for iOS & iPadOS 14.5

Following the launch of checkra1n version 0.12.3, which added official support for A7 and A11 devices running iOS & iPadOS 14.5, Saurik was quick to update Cydia Substrate so that those devices could enjoy reliable tweak injection.

But Cydia Substrate isn’t the only tweak injection method that works on the checkra1n jailbreak. So too does Substitute, and users of this alternative will likely be looking for a similar update. Fortunately for those folks, said update is now available in the form of Substitute version 2.0.11.

Substitute updated to version 2.0.10 with more bug fixes

Substitute, the tweak injection method used by the unc0ver jailbreak (and optionally on checkra1n devices), received an update this week that officially brought the package up to version 2.0.10.

Much like the previous update that launched around a month ago, Substitute version 2.0.10 brings bug fixes to improve the package’s performance and stability.

Substitute updated to v2.0.9 with additional minor bug fixes

Substitute, the tweak injection method used on the unc0ver jailbreak, and sometimes even the checkra1n jailbreak depending on personal preference, received yet another update on Friday, this time bringing the package up to version 2.0.9.

The latest update comes just one day after Sam Bingner published Substitute v2.0.8 with preliminary support and speed improvements for unc0ver on iOS & iPadOS 14. Substitute v2.0.9 isn’t quite as substantial of an update as the previous version, but it’s still recommended for all current users.

Substitute updated to v2.0.8 with preliminary support for unc0ver on iOS 14

The news officially broke early Thursday morning that unc0ver would receive an update with support for iOS & iPadOS 14.0-14.3 by way of a custom kernel exploit based on the recently released cicuta_verosa exploit by @ModernPwner.

With that in mind, it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise to unc0ver users that the jailbreak’s primary tweak injection method — Substitute — received a preliminary update this week to version 2.0.8.

Substitute v2.0.7 update adds improved support for cycript

Substitute, the tweak injection and code substitution method that is commonly utilized by the unc0ver jailbreak, and in some cases even the checkra1n jailbreak, received a major revamp with the launch of v2.0 at the start of this year.

Over the last couple of weeks, Substitute has seen a slew of smaller updates comprising of bug fixes and performance improvements, and as it would seem, there are more planned updates in the pipeline.

Substitute picks up more minor changes in new v2.0.5 update

If you use the unc0ver jailbreak, then you might recall a Substitute update that was released just yesterday evening, bringing the tweak injection package up to version 2.0.4. It was just one of several updates to be released since Substitute received its major v2.0 rebranding shortly after the start of the new year, but it would be far from the last…

This Thursday evening, Substitute received yet another update. The package now sports the version number 2.0.5, however for the average jailbreaker, this update isn’t quite as imperative as yesterday’s would have been.