Family Sharing

How to remove a child account from iCloud Family Sharing

When I was testing out Apple’s iCloud Family Sharing last year, I set up a child account just to see how it worked. That turned out to be a mistake, because there is no way for an end user to remove a child account from a Family Share.

When you try to delete a child account, you’re met with a frustrating error that states “Children under 13 cannot be removed from Family Sharing”. Actually, you can “remove” a child account by transferring it to another family, but you’re still not permanently¬†getting rid of it.

So what should you do? Keep an account that you no longer want or need? Transfer the account? Don’t settle for those options if you want the account gone. Phone up Apple support, and they can delete the annoying child account in a matter of minutes.

Apple said to have ‘War Room’ hunting for iOS 8 bugs on social media

Apple is fairly well known for its over-the-top customer service, and we’ve come across a story that provides the perfect example why. Reddit user Kiggsworthy posted an anecdote in r/Apple today captioned “Pretty indescribable Apple service experience yesterday,” and we thought it was worth sharing.

Like many of us, Kiggsworthy was playing with iOS 8 yesterday when he came across an issue with Family Sharing that did not allow him to download content from his wife’s account. So naturally, he tweeted about his problem, and to his surprise, an actual Apple employee responded to his call for help.

The best new features of iOS 8

Admittedly, the myriad of new and useful¬†capabilities that Apple’s just-released¬†iOS 8¬†brings to¬†your iPhone, iPod touch and iPad¬†are going to¬†prove hugely popular with¬†mainstream users, to say the least. With iOS 8, Apple is appeasing harsh critics who’d frequently point out that Android is capable of¬†things iOS cannot do, and then some more.

iOS 8¬†opens¬†up Apple’s¬†mobile operating system to third-party development¬†to a much greater extent than ever before. And stemming¬†from¬†relaxed policies, iOS 8 boosts on-the-go productivity with deeper¬†inter-app sharing while implementing some of the features our Android friends have grown accustomed to, but in a typical hassle-free Apple fashion, things like¬†third-party keyboards, custom actions, photo editing extensions¬†within the context of¬†Photos and Camera apps and way¬†more.

And though evolutionary rather than revolutionary, we have no doubt in our minds that iOS 8 is going to significantly improve the functionality of Apple’s mobile platform, and perhaps even give some folks less reasons to jailbreak.

To¬†celebrate today’s¬†release of the free¬†iOS 8 software update, we proudly present you this detailed overview of more than two dozen iOS 8 features we think you’re going to fall in love with at first sight.

Apple TV update brings refreshed design, new Beats Music channel and more

In addition to iOS 8, Apple has released a new version of its Apple TV software this morning. The update brings about a number of improvements, including a redesigned interface, a new Beats Music channel, and support for various new iOS 8 features.

Easily the most obvious change is the refreshed design, which now utilizes flatter images and thinner fonts. The makeover is long overdue, and it helps brings the design language of the Apple TV software more in line with the iOS and Mac platforms.

Apple begins adding Family Sharing support info to select App Store listings

Apple has been spotted adding support info for its upcoming Family Sharing feature to both iOS and Mac App Store listings. The data can be seen in the Information section of select apps (where it lists Seller, Category, etc.), under a new field called ‘Family Sharing.’

For those unfamiliar with it, Family Sharing is a new feature built-in to iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite that will allow families to share content like apps, music, movies, and more across all of their iOS devices, as long as their iTunes accounts are all using the same credit card…

Apple asking developers to enable Family Sharing for their apps in iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite

Apple has begun asking its registered Mac and iOS developers to enable Family Sharing in their apps, a feature specifically designed for the upcoming iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite operating systems. As we detailed Monday, Family Sharing allows you to share purchased iTunes media such as apps, books, music and more among up to six devices, without requiring them to use the same Apple ID as Home Sharing.

But not all purchases are eligible for Family Sharing. In fact,¬†Apple is giving developers the freedom to choose whether or not they want their apps to be enabled for Family Sharing and now the firm has started emailing developers suggesting they enable the feature in their iTunes Connect developer portal…

Apple introduces Family Sharing in iOS 8

Apple has faced a lot of criticism over the years with regards to parental controls on the App Store, especially because of headlines of children racking up thousands of dollars on in-app purchases.

Aiming to eliminate that problem for good, the company has introduced a new feature in iOS 8 called Family Sharing. Apple already has a similar feature in Home Sharing, but Family Sharing takes this feature to a whole new level…