How to hide and unhide iTunes purchases

Hidden iTunes Purchases on Mac

You may buy items in iTunes that you want to keep to yourself from time to time, especially if you use Family Sharing. It could be a movie, song, TV show, or audiobook. You can hide purchases in iTunes and keep them hidden on all devices that use the same Apple ID.

If you need to keep something you buy away from prying eyes, here’s how to hide and unhide iTunes purchases.

Hide iTunes purchases

Open iTunes on your Mac, sign in if necessary, and then follow these steps.

1) From the menu bar click Account > Purchased or Account > Family Purchases per your account type.

2) On the top right, choose Music, Movies, TV Shows, or Audiobooks. To the left, make sure the All tab is selected.

3) Locate the item you want to hide and click the small X next to it.

Hide iTunes Purchases on Mac

4) In the pop-up, click Hide to confirm the action.

Confirm Hide iTunes Purchases on Mac

Note from Apple:

The first time you hide a purchase, you’ll need to confirm that you want to hide it. You might not see this message the next time that you hide a purchase.

Unhide iTunes purchases

If the time comes that you want to unhide iTunes purchases that you hid with the steps above, it’s easy. Open iTunes on your Mac and sign in if necessary.

1) Click Account > View My Account from the menu bar.

2) Go to the iTunes in the Cloud section and next to Hidden Purchases, click Manage.

3) On the top right, choose Music, Movies, TV Shows, or Audiobooks.

4) Click the Unhide button for the item or click Unhide All on the bottom right for all items.

Unhide iTunes Purchases on Mac

Wrapping it up

Hiding iTunes purchases is simple to do and again, if you have a Family Sharing account it might be wise to hide some of those more “adult” types of media.

For hiding book purchases, you can check out our article specifically on that topic. And for other how-tos, head over to our tutorials section.