Family Sharing

Family Sharing in iOS 16 adds better management tools, Family Checklist, and more

It might be hard to imagine, but Family Sharing was first introduced alongside the launch of iOS 8. That's quite a while! It's always bene billed as a great way for families to not only stay connected, but also quickly and easily share a range of different content. Over time, it's added features to help parents and guardians even more, which is the case with iOS 16's arrival.

How to create an Apple ID for your child for Family Sharing

Create a Child Account on iPhone

If you have a young child who you’d like to include in your Family Sharing group, they need their own Apple ID. Maybe you’d like to share apps with them, let them use to your Apple Music subscription, or bought a new HomePod Mini for their room for intercom use.

Children under the age of 13 (age varies by country/region) cannot create their own Apple ID. But you, as the family organizer for your Family Sharing group, can create one for them.

How and where to find Family Sharing purchases

Family Sharing Purchases in iTunes on iPhone

Along with its many other benefits, Family Sharing lets you share purchases with your family members. This means that only one person in your family group needs to pay for the app that you all want to use.

But what if someone in your Family Sharing group purchases an app that you don’t even know about? It might turn out to be an item that you want to use too. Here’s how to see purchases made by others in your Family Sharing group on all your Apple devices.

How to see the amount of iCloud storage each family member is using

iCloud Storage Family Plan Usage on iPhone

If you and your family are sharing iCloud storage, then it’s a good idea to check now and then to see how much is being used. For instance, you may have opted for the Apple One Family or Premier plan with shared storage among its other offerings.

Here, we’ll show you how to see the amount of iCloud storage everyone in your Family Sharing group is using. This way, if you’re getting close to the limit, you can make some changes or look into purchasing additional storage.

You have a few convenient places to check out your Family Sharing iCloud storage usage. So no matter which device you’re using at the time, you can easily see who’s using how much. Just make sure you’re logged in with the correct Apple ID for your Family Sharing group.

How to set up Apple Cash Family on iPhone

Apple Cash Family Start Now

For rewarding your child, giving them their allowance, and letting them make a purchase, you can use Apple Cash Family. This feature arrived with iOS 14 as a way for parents to digitally send money to their children and teens.

This is convenient for families who don’t walk around with wads of cash, whose kids use their money for apps or games, or spend money in stores; all with their parent’s permission of course. Here, we’ll show you the requirements for using and how to set up Apple Cash Family.