iOS 13.3 on HomePod lets family members control Personal Requests

Apple today released the iOS 13.3 software for its Siri-driven HomePod wireless speaker.

How to install iOS 13.3 for HomePod

To install an over-the-air update, be sure that both your iOS device and HomePod are on the same local network, then open the Home app on your iPhone, iPad or Mac. Now hit the home icon in the top-left corner on iOS and select Software Update below the heading Speakers & TVs, or right-click your speaker and choose Settings from the popup menu on macOS.

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If there’s a new HomePod software available, you’ll be prompted to install it so follow the onscreen instructions to complete the process.

iOS 13.3 for HomePod changelog

iOS 13.3 provides bug fixes and improvements including:

  • Improves the ability of HomePod to recognize the voice profile of family members.
  • Allows individual family members to enable/disable personal requests.
  • Fixes an issue that could prevent music playback from resuming on a stereo pair after a phone call.

For more information on HomePod software updates, visit Apple’s website.

A quick overview of new features

Making a personal request with Siri on HomePod couldn’t be simpler unless other members of your family happened to use your wireless speaker, too. In that case, you had to turn on the Personal Requests feature to send messages, create reminders and more with your voice.

Because HomePod can now recognize different voices, Personal Request works with every family member’s iCloud Reminders, Notes, Calendar and so forth. Before iOS 13.3, the family organizer had to turn Personal Requests for each user of the speaker in the Home app.

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With this update, that’s no longer the case. Now every individual family member can enable or disable Personal Requests in the Home app so you don’t have to.

Coupled with enhanced Siri voice recognition that Apple claims improves the ability of HomePod to recognize the voice profile of family members, using Personal Requests on the speaker should be better than even thanks to the new iOS 13.3 update.

Your thoughts on iOS 13.3 for HomePod

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