How to customize your Twitter notifications on iOS, Mac and the web

Twitter app and Notifications MacBook

Social media notifications can be both really helpful and really annoying at the same time. Of course, you want to be notified of things that interest you or you can take action on. But most times, this doesn’t include every single notification offered by the service.

Here, we’ll help you customize your Twitter notifications for only those things you want to see.

Accessing and customizing Twitter notifications

Accessing Twitter notification settings

The options you have for your Twitter notifications are currently identical across iPhone, iPad, and Mac. The only difference between the apps for these devices and the Twitter website is that you can also tailor your push notifications on mobile or Mac. Obviously, the website doesn’t offer this.

To access your Twitter notification settings on iPhone, you’ll tap your profile photo and choose Settings and privacy.

Twitter Settings and Privacy Notifications iPhone

On iPad, Mac, and the web, you’ll pick the More button from the left and pick Settings and privacy.

Twitter Settings and Privacy Notifications Mac

Once you’re in the Settings area, select Notifications. Then read on below for your notification options.

Customizing Twitter notifications

You can start customizing your Twitter notifications with the Filters at the top of the section. Then, move on down to the Preferences for push, SMS, and email notifications.

Twitter notification filters

Quality filter: By turning this on, you can filter out low-quality content. For details on this feature, check out our post from when the Quality filter first made its appearance.

Twitter app Notifications Mac

Advanced filters: This setting lets you mute notifications from people you don’t follow, who don’t follow you, who have a new account, and more.

Twitter Advanced Filters Mac

Twitter notification preferences

Push notifications: On iOS and Mac, you can decide which push notifications you want to receive that are related to you and your tweets, and those that come from Twitter.

Related to you and your Tweets: Some of the options here like Photo tags and Direct messages are a simple on or off. But others like Tweets let you choose how to handle notifications for specific people you follow.

From Twitter: For news, moments, broadcasts, and other items from Twitter, you can enable or disable those you want to receive.

Twitter Push Notifications Mac

SMS notifications: Like push notifications, you can customize what you want to receive related to you or from Twitter. So you might want SMS notifications for direct messages or mentions and replies, but not for Twitter news.

Twitter SMS Notifications Mac

Email notifications: Email notifications are a bit more detailed than the other types above. And what’s nice is that you can enable or disable these notifications altogether if you want.

If you enable email notifications, you can decide which to receive related to you, from your network, and from Twitter. This includes weekly reports for your account, direct messages, top Tweets from your network, and Twitter tips.

To make sure you don’t fill up your inbox with Twitter emails, take a moment to mark those you really want if you plan to receive email notifications.

Twitter Email Notifications Mac

Wrapping it up

Twitter has healthy notification settings for sure. But since they are fully customizable, you can make sure that you’re only alerted with what you want to see on all of your devices as well as the web.

Are you going to take a few minutes to customize your Twitter notifications? Share your thoughts on Twitter’s notification options in the comments below or of course, on Twitter!