How to stop “Contact Joined Telegram” notifications on iPhone and Android

Telegram app icon on a gradient blue background

Whenever a contact from your list creates a Telegram account, the Telegram app on your phone will send you an alert notifying you that "Contact Joined Telegram". The purpose of this notification is to encourage you to chat with them on Telegram instead of other messaging apps.

However, this notification can be bothersome and serve no practical purpose. In this tutorial, we will give you step-by-step instructions on how to disable this notification on your iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Android phone.

How to manage your Instagram notifications

Instagram Notifications Screen on iPhone

If Instagram is your social network service of choice, then it’s important to set up your notifications. And with the flexibility and options, you can tailor your Instagram notifications to your preference.

From receiving alerts for likes and comments to IGTV view counts, you can get a notification for whatever is most important to you. Here’s how to manage your Instagram notifications on iPhone and the web.

How to keep track of birthdays on iPhone, iPad, and Mac

Birthday Reminder App on iPhone with Calendar

It’s always nice when someone remembers your birthday. Facebook has a handy feature for letting you know when one of your friends has a birthday, but not everybody uses that particular social network (believe it or not). So if you want to make sure you don’t forget your grandma’s 98th birthday or your niece’s second, you may need a little help.

Here, we’ll show you two great ways to keep track of birthdays on your iPhone, iPad, and Mac. You can then be sure to grab that birthday card or make that phone call to say “Happy Birthday” to someone special when the time rolls around.

How to set a default time for all-day Reminders and “Show as Overdue”

Set Reminders All Day Alert Time on iPhone

If you use the Reminders app for keeping track of your to-dos, then you know it’s helpful to set a due date and time. When that notification pops up, you know it’s time to take care of a task. After all, what good is a "reminder" if it doesn’t nudge you to take care of a task on your list?

But you may also have things that you simply need to do on a certain day and the time doesn’t matter. Maybe you need to call a relative on their birthday, clean out the fridge, or pack for a trip. The time isn’t quite as important as the day for these types of reminders.

How to set up HomeKit notifications for your accessories

iPhone Door Unlocked Notification

There are certain smart home accessories that do more than turn off or change color. Devices like door locks and motion sensors are used to keep you safe and in control of your home. So it’s with good reason that accessories like these come with notifications.

If you’d like to receive an alert when your door locks or motion is detected, as examples, here’s how to set up notifications for your HomeKit devices.

Altilium alerts you of low battery a third time at a percentage you choose

If you put your iPhone through a hard days’ worth of work without any charging, then chances are you’ll eventually see the 20% and perhaps even the 10% battery remaining alerts as the handset’s battery percentage falls. Still, 20% battery is enough to get you through a solid hour of use, and many people have a tendency to dismiss these alerts until their battery level gets so low that the device finally dies.

Because of the aforementioned circumstances, iOS developer quiprr figured that it might be beneficial for iPhone users to have a third low battery level alert at a user-designated percentage. With that thought in mind, a new and free jailbreak tweak dubbed Altilium was conveniently conceived.

How to use the Sound Recognition Accessibility setting on iPhone and iPad

Sound Recognition Banner Notification iPad

Apple has done a good job of updating its Accessibility features over time. And with iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 another helpful feature was added called Sound Recognition.

By enabling this setting, you can receive a notification when a particular sound is heard and recognized by your device. You simply enable the feature and choose the sounds you want to receive alerts for, and that’s it.

To help you get started, here’s how to use the Sound Recognition Accessibility setting on iPhone and iPad.

NotiPing alerts jailbreakers when a designated website goes offline

If you spend a lot of time on certain websites, you may happen upon instances where some of those go offline temporarily either because of a small server blip, intentional maintenance, or other circumstances. I often find myself using online utilities like DownDetector to determine whether a site isn’t responding or if it’s my own internet connection, but it sure would be nice to get the heads up that a site was down before I tried to use it.

That’s the idea behind a newly released and free jailbreak tweak dubbed NotiPing by iOS developer ItHertzSoGood. Just as the tweak’s name implies, NotiPing sends occasional pings to a server of your choice and then provides you with a notification if or when that server goes offline for any reason. An example of the aforementioned notification is depicted in the screenshot above.

BlurryAlerts brings tvOS-inspired alerts to jailbroken iPhones and iPads

Apple has entirely different design aesthetics for its iOS and tvOS operating systems, but if you wish you could have more synergy between the two, then one way you could accomplish that is with the help of a new and free jailbreak tweak dubbed BlurryAlerts by iOS developer SlyFabi.

As you can discern for yourself in the screenshot examples above, BlurryAlerts replaces iOS’ native pop-up alert with a tvOS-inspired interface complete with the blurry background and the color-matched buttons.

How to enable Do Not Disturb temporarily

Do Not Disturb iPhone Options

You may be familiar with the Do Not Disturb (DND) feature on your device that lets you silence calls and notifications without turning off your device. You can schedule Do Not Disturb so that it’s always enabled at bedtime. You can also have Do Not Disturb turn on automatically on Apple Watch during your workouts.

But what if you just want to enable the feature for a short time outside of your schedule or workout?

You can enable Do Not Disturb temporarily. On iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch, you can turn it on for just an hour, until evening, morning, or until you leave a location. And on Mac, you can flip a switch to enable it or have it turn on for an hour, until morning, when the screen is locked, and more. Here’s how.

Add some character to your iPhone’s alert messages with Snell

Jailbreakers who are searching for a unique way to customize their iPhone running iOS 13 will almost certainly want to turn their attention to the likes of a newly released jailbreak tweak called Snell by iOS developer Samg_is_a_Ninja.

Snell allows users to alter and configure the aesthetics of iOS’ alert pop-ups, and as depicted in the series of screenshot examples above, the tweak provides a whole lot more than just colorization, but also the ability to change how the interface looks entirely.

How to customize your Twitter notifications on iOS, Mac and the web

Twitter app and Notifications MacBook

Social media notifications can be both really helpful and really annoying at the same time. Of course, you want to be notified of things that interest you or you can take action on. But most times, this doesn’t include every single notification offered by the service.

Here, we’ll help you customize your Twitter notifications for only those things you want to see.