How to set a default time for all-day Reminders and “Show as Overdue”

Set Reminders All Day Alert Time on iPhone

If you use the Reminders app for keeping track of your to-dos, then you know it’s helpful to set a due date and time. When that notification pops up, you know it’s time to take care of a task. After all, what good is a “reminder” if it doesn’t nudge you to take care of a task on your list?

But you may also have things that you simply need to do on a certain day and the time doesn’t matter. Maybe you need to call a relative on their birthday, clean out the fridge, or pack for a trip. The time isn’t quite as important as the day for these types of reminders.

If you create an all-day reminder and still need that notification that a task is due, you can give it a time or better yet, set up a default time. This lets you know that you have a reminder for today for those reminders without times. Plus, if you end up not completing that task, you can see an indicator that it’s overdue. Here’s how to do both on iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

Default times and overdue Reminders on iOS

Like many other apps, the settings for the Reminders app are in the actual Settings app on your device. So that’s where you’ll head for this and then pick Reminders for the app’s configurations.

1) In Settings, select Reminders.

2) Enable the toggle for Today Notification.

3) Once you do this, the time option will display. Tap the time box and then spin the wheel or use the keypad to enter the time.

4) You can tap the Settings arrow at the top to go back or enable the toggle directly below for Show as Overdue. This setting is handy for showing you that the reminder is past due starting the next day.

Set Time for Reminders All Day Alert on iPhone

Then, tap the arrow to exit or just close your Settings.

Default times and overdue Reminders on Mac

On Mac, this setting is in the Reminders app Preferences. So open Reminders and follow these steps.

1) Click Reminders > Preferences from the menu bar.

2) Check the box for Today Notification and then select a time.

3) Optionally, you can enable the toggle for Show all-day reminders as overdue here just like on iOS.

Set Time for Reminders All Day Alert on Mac

You can then close the Preferences window.

Wrapping it up

Whether it pushes you to take care of it at that moment or simply reminds you that you have to do something today, all-day reminders can have alerts too! And by setting a default time, you can still receive a notification even when you don’t set a specific time. Will you?