How to turn off Instagram notifications about new Reels being shared

iPhone screen showing recently shared new Reels notification from Instagram with a Reels and bell icon in the background

Are you tired of Instagram notifying you of new Reels shared by someone else? It's no secret that Instagram does this to nudge you to open its app and spend time there. But in most cases, those recently shared new Reels may not be interesting and certainly not worth a notification alert pushed to your iPhone.

To address this, you can easily turn off Instagram notifications about new Reels being shared. 

How to customize alert and notification sounds on your iPhone

Personalize various alert sounds on iPhone

Sound alerts are an important part of your iPhone, and changing them is a great way to personalize your experience. When you receive a call or a notification, the tone should be pleasant. For example, my iPhone ringtone is the theme song of my favorite TV show, The Office. Every time I get a call, this tone slightly uplifts my mood.

If you're tired of the same default tones, we show you how to customize the alert sounds on your iPhone, such as the ringtone, text tone, alarm tone, and third-party notification tones of WhatsApp, Telegram, Gmail, Messenger, Slack, etc.