How to schedule Do Not Disturb on iPhone, iPad, and Mac

Do Not Disturb on iPhone and Mac

This tutorial shows you how to schedule Do Not Disturb on your iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Once you know the steps to do that, you can automate Do Not Disturb (DND) to turn on at the set time, and you won't have to enable it every day manually. Your iPhone or Mac will take care of it.

16 Ways to fix iPhone not getting call, text, and app notifications

Fix for not getting notifications on iPhone

Notifications are a big part of your smartphone life. If you are not receiving all, a few, or some particular app's notifications on your iPhone, you'll miss important updates from family members, friends, office, potential jobs, banks, and more. To fix this, here are 16 solutions to solve issues related to call, text, and app notifications. After following these, you should start getting regular alerts on your iPhone and iPad.

How to set notifications to deliver quietly on iPhone

Deliver Quietly

iOS 12 introduced the Deliver Quietly feature, which, when enabled, muted all notifications for that app. Any new notifications from this app would not play the sound, not light up the iPhone screen, and simply come and stack up quietly in the Notification Center. You could comfortably see them anytime later. This helpful feature to not get disturbed by useless app notifications stayed in iOS 13 and iOS 14. However, in iOS 15, Deliver Quietly is no longer there!

But nothing much to worry about. If you would like to set an app to deliver notifications quietly, we show you the steps to do that on iPhone running iOS 15, iOS 14, or earlier. In iOS 15, it's a few more taps than before but still manageable.

SmartDND ports iOS 15’s Focus Mode-like features to jailbroken devices

One of the significant upgrades we see in iOS & iPadOS 15 is Focus, which is essentially an upgraded version of the handy Do Not Disturb feature with powerful settings so that users can filter incoming notifications to just those that suit their current activities.

Focus eliminates distractions when you don’t want them, such as when you’re in class, at work, or just trying to enjoy an evening or weekend with the family. But if you’re jailbroken, then iOS & iPadOS 15 are out of the question right now, and that’s why iOS developer Elias Sfeir just released a new jailbreak tweak dubbed SmartDND.