Tako brings a Priority Hub-like notification experience to jailbroken iOS 14 handsets for free

In 2014, a jailbreak tweak called Priority Hub made waves when it brought Blackberry 10-inspired Lock Screen notification grouping to pwned iPhones. The concept was so popular that releases like Atmos and Axon sought to do the same on newer versions of iOS several years later.

Now that iOS 14 is the latest jailbreakable firmware, it’s unsurprising to see another developer coming out with a modern-day Priority Hub. Xyaman just this week launched a brand-new tweak dubbed Tako that does exactly that.

Cucu upgrades notification banners on jailbroken iPhones with countdown timers & more

If you’re jailbroken and in the market for an exciting new way to customize your handset’s notification banner experience, then we have just the right jailbreak tweak for you!

Cucu is a new and free release by iOS developer Xyaman that offers a handful of intriguing new features for incoming notification banners, and like most high-quality jailbreak tweaks, it’s fully configurable by the end user.

Keep the Shortcuts app from displaying automation notifications with this jailbreak tweak

Anyone who takes advantage of the Shortcuts app to perform automations would be familiar with the notification banner that manliest itself after the automation completes.

Apple intended for this notification to let the user know when the automation finishes running, but if you’re already familiar with what your automation is supposed to do, then sometimes it can come off as redundant information.

How to use the new Notification Summary feature in iOS 15

Apple is updating how notifications work in iOS with the upcoming iOS 15 software. The company introduced a new feature called Notification Summary, which creates a summary of your notifications. It basically gives you better control over app notifications and lets you manage non-urgent notifications. The feature is available in the iOS 15 developer beta but is turned off by default.

In this article, we will show you how to enable the Notification Summary feature on your iPhone running iOS 15. We will also show you how to customize and manage notifications using Notification Summary.

Avya improves notification banner privacy when sharing your iPhone’s screen with friends

When your iPhone is locked, iOS will try to mask the contents of your Lock Screen’s incoming notification banners until you authenticate yourself so that onlookers who shouldn’t be snooping on your notifications won’t be able to in the first place.

This is a brilliant privacy feature on Apple’s part, and such a feature may also have uses when your iPhone is unlocked, such as when showing a friend or co-worker your iPhone’s screen to look at a photo or video and an unexpected notification banner pops up.

Some of the best jailbreak tweaks for iOS 14’s notification system

It’s been our mission these past several weeks to provide visibility for some of the best jailbreak tweaks for various elements of iOS 14. But our work is never done, and the show must go on!

Having already covered some of the best add-ons and extensions for iOS 14’s Control Center, Home Screen, Keyboard, Messages app, and Now Playing interface, we figured that this week would be a better time than ever to focus more on iOS 14’s notification experience.

How to make your Mac notifications stay longer or shorter on screen

macOS notifications

While notifications and alerts on macOS can be useful, they can easily become distracting if they aren't important. A notification that slides in and slides out while you're working, can make you lose your focus. Apple did make some changes to Notifications in the latest macOS Big Sur update, but they can still be annoying at times. Some notifications will slide in and stay on the screen, and will only go away if you click on the close button.

Level up your iPhone’s App Switcher with the Gemini jailbreak tweak

If there’s anything that jailbreaking my iPhone has taught me over the past several years, it’s that I should always come to expect more from iOS than Apple provides for it out of the box.

The aforementioned rule of thumb holds true in so many different respects, but one particular element of iOS that I find to be lacking features and intuitive integration is the App Switcher. It’s just… boring.