How to use the Sound Recognition Accessibility setting on iPhone and iPad

Sound Recognition Banner Notification iPad

Apple has done a good job of updating its Accessibility features over time. And with iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 another helpful feature was added called Sound Recognition.

By enabling this setting, you can receive a notification when a particular sound is heard and recognized by your device. You simply enable the feature and choose the sounds you want to receive alerts for, and that’s it.

To help you get started, here’s how to use the Sound Recognition Accessibility setting on iPhone and iPad.

Enable Sound Recognition

To turn on the Sound Recognition feature on iPhone and iPad, follow these simple steps.

1) Open Settings and select Accessibility.

2) Under Hearing, choose Sound Recognition.

3) Enable the toggle at the top for Sound Recognition.

Select your sounds

Once you enable the feature, tap Sounds on that same screen to select those you want your device to recognize.

The sounds are divided into groups, making it easy for you to find those you want. Browse through Alarms, Animals, Household, and People. Then just turn on the toggles for those you want to hear. You can pick from things like a fire alarm, dog barking, doorbell, and baby crying.

Sound Recognition Enable and Sounds iPad

Get notified

You’ll receive a notification when your device hears and identifies one of the sounds you select. Depending on how you have your notifications configured, this can include a persistent banner or alert in your Notification Center.

1) In your Settings, select Notifications.

2) On the right, scroll down to and choose Sound Recognition.

3) Enable the toggle for Allow Notifications.

4) You’ll notice that you have the same options as you do for other apps. Choose your alert type and the banner style (if you enable Banners). You can then enable the Sounds toggle and choose to Show Previews.

Sound Recognition Notification Settings iPad

When you see a notification for one of the sounds, you can then take any action needed such as answer the door, grab your meal out of the microwave, or see what has your pup riled up.

Sound Recognition Notifications Appliance Water iPad

Wrapping it up

Sound Recognition is a wonderful feature but make sure that you don’t rely on it as your only source for emergency sounds such as fire or smoke alarms.

Do you plan to set up Sound Recognition on your own device or that of a loved one? Let us know!