The Calendar app gets a new “Day View” for OS X Yosemite

Calendar Day View

The Calendar app receives a brand new Day view to highlight a full day’s events in OS X Yosemite. Again, this is a feature that originates on iOS, and has found its way back to the Mac.

If you have a lot of appointments scheduled on a daily basis, then the Calendar App’s new Day view could become an instrumental tool for you. It’s a great way to take in the breadth of the current day’s appointments from a single view.

Step inside and watch our hands-on walkthrough, which showcases the new Calendar view in action…

It’s not a huge feature, but it definitely adds convenience to the stock Calendar app in OS X. If anything, it more closely aligns OS X with iOS.

What do you think about the new Day view in the OS X Calendar app? Do you plan on taking advantage of it in day-to-day usage?

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