OS X Yosemite ushers in a revamped iTunes

iTunes 12 icon

iTunes has been redesigned completely to coincide with OS X Yosemite’s design enhancements. The result is a much flatter and cleaner looking app that’s devoid of many of the shadows and layers present in previous iterations.

Just recently, the iTunes Store, which resides within the iTunes app, received an update to match the flatter appearance. This has resulted in a more consistent look across the entire app.

Check out our video walkthrough after the break, which highlights some of the changes in the latest version of iTunes— iTunes 12.

Much of the functionality has remained more of less the same for iTunes—although there is a new tray for recent media items.  If you’re expecting vast functionality changes, you may be disappointed. As far as looks go, however, iTunes 12 matches OS X Yosemite well, and it’s one of the better looking redesigns of the app that I’ve seen over the years.

What do you think about iTunes 12’s revamped visuals?

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