Use Mail Drop to send large Mail attachments in OS X Yosemite

MailDrop OS X Large Attachments

Sending large attachments has always been a precarious activity when it comes to email. You just never know if your attachment will go through, and if it does, it’s a toss up as to whether or not the recipient will be able to successfully receive and open it.

Mail Drop is a new feature in OS X that hopes to solve this issue. With Mail Drop, Mail app users can send emails with encrypted attachments up to 5GB. That’s sure to cover most of the large emails that the majority of users send.

To use Mail Drop, users must be logged in to iCloud, because the Mail app will upload large attachments automatically to iCloud, and present them seamlessly as a standard attachment to other iCloud and Mail users. For those users who don’t use iCloud and Mail, a simple link to the attachment is provided for quick and easy downloads.

What do you think about Mail Drop? Do you plan on using it? Or have you found a better way to share large files with others?

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