Translucency: a big part of OS X Yosemite’s new visual style

Translucency OS X Yosemite

Translucency is everywhere in OS X Yosemite. In Safari, you can see the subtle colorful translucent glow of a website behind its toolbar. In the Finder, you’ll see apps and wallpaper glow behind your list of favorites, and in the Dock, you’ll see the translucent visuals of any apps that are moved behind it.

Check inside, as we explore OS X Yosemite’s translucent effects in our video walkthrough. We’ll also show you how to disable translucency if you’re not a fan of the effect.

Personally speaking, I like the translucent effect. It’s enjoyable to see how the different assets change and glow as a variety of colors subtly shine through their translucent elements. In the presence of the flatter redesign, the translucency adds some much-needed depth to the interface.

I understand that not everyone will be a fan of translucency, though. If you happen to fall into that camp, you can disable translucency by going to System PreferencesAccessibilityDisplay, and checking Reduce transparency.

What do you think?

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