A look at some of the Safari enhancements in OS X Yosemite


Safari has been given a big revamp in OS X Yosemite, and it’s one of my favorite new updates to the operating system as a whole. The team working on Safari took a lot of the elements that makes Safari on iOS a success, and incorporated those into the OS X Yosemite version. The result is a much-improved favorite interface, simplified toolbar, and better tab navigation. Safari for OS X Yosemite is a win all the way around. Have a look at our video walkthrough showcasing these new features inside…

The toolbar in Safari has been redesigned with a simpler look and streamlined controls. It’s a lot less intrusive in OS X Yosemite, yet it still maintains the important functionality that you need to browse the web efficiently.

Safari favorites can now be accessed and managed via a dedicated box, which is accessible by simply clicking in Safari’s search bar. The interface is similar to the interface in iOS 8, which is great news for Safari users in OS X Yosemite.

When it comes to tabs, again the name of the game seems to be iOS-adoptability. This time, Safari takes cues from its iPad counterpart, ushering in a brand new tab view. The tab view makes it extremely easy to access, identify, and switch to different browser tabs in just two clicks. It’ll even group tabs from the same website together.

I’m extremely excited to see Safari turn out so well in OS X Yosemite. On previous versions of OS X, I simply avoided it due to its lackluster favorite capabilities and ineffective tab browsing. I also really appreciate the facelift that the browser has been given overall. It’s just a better looking and better functioning experience altogether.

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