Samsung airs Galaxy ad ridiculing folks who’d wait in line for the iPhone 5

As expected – and right on time ahead of Friday’s iPhone 5 launch – Samsung has taken another cheap shot at Apple with a new television commercial. Like last year’s anti-Apple campaign, this one again pokes fun of people who would wait in the line for a new iPhone (even if the vast majority of readers in iDB’s non-scientific poll said they pre-ordered their device).

It increasingly appears Samsung is attaching its brand name to Apple in the hope of getting the kind of exposure, recognition and reputation Apple is enjoying. Don’t take it all to hear – Samsung’s ad is funny at times. And to those who beg to differ: we can always laugh at ourselves (here, here and here)…

Samsung is obviously asserting here that the iPhone 5 is a minor upgrade.

It’s all in your head, the company would have you believe.

I like the opening line when a guy says to a chick waiting in line for the iPhone 5:

Hey, they’re saying that this phone is going to be like precious jewel.

The Rolex of smartphones, perhaps?

The commercial also attempts to dumb down the iPhone 5 by mentioning minor design changes, like “the headphone jack is going to be on the bottom”, and slamming the Lightning port for requiring an adapter (it’s called progress, Samsung) to connect to legacy accessories (“but they make the coolest adapters”) and what not.

An iSheep says that “this year, we’re finally getting everything we didn’t get last year” as two Galaxy SIII owners pull their devices and beam a playlist wirelessly just by gently touching their phones, a feature requiring NFC technology that Apple didn’t include in the iPhone 5 (here’s why).

And what to say of this petulant exchange between an Apple and Samsung user:

Apple user: This one’s got a big screen.

Samsung user: This one has a bigger one.

From YouTube description:

Intuitive, innovative, and stylish, the Galaxy S III is The Next Big Thing – and it’s already here.

The blurb links to Samsung’s official Facebook page where the company recently asked people what phone they would bring to a desert island, but it backfired.

This latest television commercial aligns nicely with Samsung’s recent newspaper ad that draw criticism for its side-by-side comparison of iPhone 5 and Galaxy SIII capabilities, with certain features selectively left out to make its own device look better (Nokia and Apple camps created amusing versions of that advertisement).

By the way, does this image make sense to you?

So, what do you think about Samsung’s anti-iPhone 5 ad?

Did you find it funny or insulting?