Samsung’s Anti-Apple TV Ads Continue by Taking Cheap Shots at iCloud

Samsung has been on a warpath with its advertising team over the past few weeks. We’ve seen them air multiple commercials that blatantly take shots at iPhone users, and a full-blown Facebook anti-Apple campaign.

The company’s latest TV ad to find its way to the air waves is called “Movies and Music.” And once again it features a group of young adults waiting in line for the new iPhone, when a Galaxy S II catches their eyes…


The commercial appears to be aimed at both iTunes and Apple’s new iCloud service. One of the actors says, “Well I have all my playlists right here, my music streams from the cloud, and I have tons of places to buy my movies.”

Samsung’s commercials certainly seem to be garnering attention, but are they creating handset sales? With Apple expected to sell as many as 30 million iPhones this holiday season, it’ll be interesting to see which company comes out on top this quarter.

What do you think of Samsung’s TV ads? Too much?