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Apple this morning released a third beta of iOS 10 for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The latest build is available right now to developers registered with Apple Developer Program and public beta testers signed on Apple Beta Software Program. Like prior iOS 10 beta releases, beta 3 packs in about a dozen or so tweaks, refinements and some new features. Without further ado, here’s our overview of everything new in iOS 10 beta 3.

iOS 10 beta 3 video walkthrough

Our resident video editor and gadgets reviewer, Andrew O’Hara, put together this nicely done video overview of the changes we’ve discovered thus far. Have a look at it below—it runs just four minutes and seven seconds long—or save it for later if you lack the time right now to sit through the whole thing.

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A more exhaustive overview of the changes in iOS 10 beta 3 follows below.

Replying to texts from Lock screen, privately

As you know, in iOS 9 and older iOS versions enabling Lock screen access for Messages in Settings → Notifications lets you slide incoming text alerts on your Lock screen in order to reveal a Reply option to quickly type out your response.

Now, a lot of fuss has been made regarding the fact that prior iOS 10 betas let anyone press a Messages notification on the Lock screen with 3D Touch, or pull down on it, which gave them access to the entire conversation thread rather than a single text.

iOS 10 Lock screen Messages notification 3D Touch iPhone screenshot 001

iOS 10 fixes that behavior so the feature now works precisely as you’d expect it to. On an iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus, pressing a Messages notification now reveals the current message in an overlay instead of pulling up the entire message thread.

There, problem solved!

iOS 10 Lock screen Messages silver iPhone screenshot 001

On older devices without 3D Touch, simply swipe the notification and tap View.

New keyboard clicking sound makes a comeback

In the developer-only preview of iOS 10 which released at WWDC 2016, the iPhone’s recognizable keyboard clicking sound has been replaced with a more subdued tone. iOS 10 beta 2 switched to the old keyboard sound and now that softer clicking sound effect has returned again in iOS 10 beta 3.

The sound effect plays as you type on the keyboard or lock the device manually.

Haptic feedback when locking iPhone 6s

On an iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, iOS 10 beta 3 now produces a gentle haptic vibration to confirm that the device has properly locked after pressing the Power button. In order for it to work, both Lock Sounds and Vibrate on Ring/Silent must be enabled in Settings → Sounds. On older devices, you’ll just hear the Lock sound when pressing the Power button, without any vibratory feedback.

Rest Finger to Open now actually works

iOS 10 beta 2 brought out a new Accessibility option, Rest Finger to Unlock, but it didn’t work properly. iOS 10 beta 3 rectifies this while changing the feature’s name to Rest Finger to Open. Basically, you now have the choice between using the new unlock method with Touch ID (Press Home to Open) or keeping the old way of resting the finger on Touch ID to get to the Home screen.

Even better, folks whose devices are older and lack Touch ID and/or don’t support Raise to Wake will no longer complain about having to press the Home button twice—first to wake the device and once more to launch the Home screen.

iOS 10 beta 3 Settings Rest Finger to Open space gray iPhone screenshot 001

To get to your Home screen with Touch ID without having to press the Home button, go to Settings → General → Accessibility → Home Button, then slide the switch Rest Finger to Open to the ON position. Needless to say, this switch is non-existent on devices without Touch ID.

Tweaked shortcut name for sharing apps with 3D Touch

iOS 10 beta brought out the ability to share any third-party app quickly on an iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus with 3D Touch: just press an app’s Home screen icon and select the Share option from the shortcuts menu.

iOS 10 app sharing 3D Touch iPhone screenshot 001

In iOS 10 beta 3, this menu includes the app name to avoid any confusion whilst making it clearer what is being shared. For example, 3D-touching Twitter’s icon on the Home screen now produces a Quick Action in the shortcuts menu labelled Share Twitter.

iOS 10 app sharing 3D Touch Twitter space gray iPhone screenshot 001

It’s a tiny but welcomed change, wouldn’t you agree?

New App Support section in Siri settings

Third-party apps you use with Siri will send information to Apple. This data may include stuff like your contacts, their relationships with you, song names in your collection, HomeKit-compatile devices in your home, the names of your photo albums and more. To optionally disable sending these items to Apple when using Siri, iOS 10 beta 3 has provided a new App Support section within Settings → Siri.

iOS 10 beta 3 Settings Siri App Support space gray iPhone screenshot 001

Apple assures that any data uploaded to its servers when you use Siri and Dictation on any of your devices is used to help these features recognize what you say and understand context of your queries. ”It is not linked to any data that Apple may have from your use of other Apple services,” as per the company.

You can now help Apple improve Activity app

iOS 10 beta 3 adds a new switch to optionally share your Activity data with Apple.

If you wish to help the company’s engineers improve the health and fitness features of Apple products by automatically sending your activity and workout data, slide a new Improve Activity switch buried at the bottom of the Settings → Privacy → Diagnostics & Usage section to the ON position.

iOS 10 beta 3 Settings Improve Activity silver iPhone screenshot 001

The Health app on iOS 10 beta 3 will also remind you to share your workout and activity data with Apple. As you can see below, the prompt offers a short description of the feature along with three buttons: Allow, Learn More and Don’t Allow.

iOS 10 beta 3 Health app Activity sharing prompt

This popup appears only when you first launch the Health app.


Other, smaller fixes have been discovered in iOS 10 beta 3, including:

  • HomeKit icon has been tweaked again
  • Devices that act as your HomeKit hub, like the Apple TV, are now appropriately marked and listed in your HomeKit settings
  • “Accessories” is no longer truncated in HomeKit
  • In iOS 10 beta 2, the “Downloaded Music” section was rechristened as “Downloads” and could not be removed. iOS 10 beta 3 reverts that behavior: the “Downloads” section is now “Downloaded Music” again and can be removed at any time
  • Image picker in Messages no longer crops photo thumbnails to square format
  • New typing indicator when sending GIF images via Messages
  • Audio playback through internal speaker no longer stops due to haptic feedback
  • Pokémon Go feels snappier (seriously) and fixes gyroscope issues
  • Landscape orientation issues in many apps have been resolved (but still no landscape mode within the Music app, sadly)
  • Some animations have been tweaked and/or sped up, like when opening a folder or an app, or accessing the app drawer in Messages
  • Hey Siri no longer pauses audio or video (side-note: Hey Siri on iOS 10 intelligently responds on a single nearby device rather than ring them all)
  • Notification Center has a new animation when pulled down from an app
  • Still no Dark Mode (at least not officially)
  • iOS 10 will be optimized for speed and battery in later betas, after all of the features have been locked, so no point complaining about poor battery life or slow performance—it’s a beta

To learn more about other tons of other iOS 10 goodies that were introduced in previous betas, check out our iOS 10 Preview and iOS 10 Tidbits series.

Hungry for even more? Check out our video walkthrough of what’s new in beta 2 of iOS 10 or watch it embedded right below.

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iOS 10 availability

iOS 10 is available to members of Apple Developer Program and, as of July, to public beta testers signed with Apple Beta Software Program. The operating system will release as a free update for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch this fall.

System requirements for iOS 10 are same as those for iOS 9, with the exception of iPhone 4s, original iPad mini and iPad 2 which are are no longer supported.

Did we miss anything?

As much as we’ve given it our best to unearth every new feature, refinement and tweak in iOS 10 beta 3, some features may have still flown under our radar.

Did you spot iOS 10 beta 3 tweaks, enhancements or tidbits not mentioned in this article? If so, post your findings in the comment section below, or email us at, and we’l update the article with any new information as it becomes available.

  • Stephaughn Alston

    Do you have a problem with the multi tasking switcher when swiping through apps? Mine usually freezes up, been happening since beta 1, really haven’t seen any improvements on it.

    • sh1ku

      Happened to me on beta 2, but, so far, I think it’s way better on beta 3. I could easily reproduce the bug on beta 2, It happened when you opened the App Switcher from a certain app, or so I think. For example, whenever I entered the switcher from WhatsApp, it would freeze. Spamming the home button, or tapping the screen repeatedly, would work. In beta 3 this doesn’t happen 100% of the time (for me it happened 100% of the time on beta 2), but yeah, still happens. Just, less, way less.

      • Stephaughn Alston

        Cool, thanks for the reply. Yes it still happens just less often for me as well.

    • I encountered freezes while on App switcher and when accessing the widget screen sometimes but happen less frequently on this beta

      • Stephaughn Alston

        Thanks, seems to be the same for everybody.

  • Jonathan

    What’s the new lock sound effect sound like?

    • There’s a YouTube video embedded in the post for the new keyboard clicking sound. The same sound effect is being played after manually locking the device.

  • Alan Mauricio

    Is the Shuffle all on songs in the music app new for beta 3? I know it was in ios9.

    • Shuffling all music by one artist in the Music app was added in beta 2 of iOS 10

  • Rest Finger to Open. Is that like VirtualHome {at least for the unlocking bit} but native?

    • TornBodies

      no u still have to hit the sleep wake button or home button to wake the phone then rest u finger

      • Eliijah Moss

        Not true. At least not in the “S” models, and with raise to wake enabled. If you have both enabled, all you have to do is tilt your device towards you, and put your registered finger on your touchID.

  • Hector

    Nice first pic lockscreen wallpaper! Mind sharing it please?

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  • Michael

    What is the Apple TV app icon on the bottom of your home screen?

    • John Wickham

      I think it might be for Continuity Keyboard. When you’re near your Apple TV and you navigate to a text field, your continuity devices get a keyboard notification so you can enter text instantly.

      • Michael

        No. I’m referring to an actual app icon. Bottom row of 1st page of apps

      • John Wickham

        Ah my mistake. It might be the overhauled Remote app, not sure.

    • DT

      It’s the new remote app

      • Jritch008 

        How do you get the new Remote App or are you just messing around?

      • DT

        No I’m not messing around. I know it’s in beta currently but that’s all I know.

  • Titan3636

    Awesome. Thanks so much for this vid!!! Quite helpful. Much better than trying to find out stuff on my own haha. Do it for watch is too!!!

  • Titan3636

    I cannot find those “new iMessage apps we love” apps shown in the top picture. Are they really working now? JibJab, Star Wars, etc…

  • yeah they brought back that new nice sounding keyboard but its volume seems too soft this time. Still can’t get Universal Copy to work

  • The Zlatan

    I just really want those wallpapers. Make it work, Christian,

    • Chris Owen

      Not sure about the second one but here’s the first one…

      • The Zlatan

        Thanks, was actually looking for the one in the text and the city skyline on the lockscreen.

      • Chris Owen

        Oh okay after reverse searching on Google images I was able to track it down.

        The first one is the original image,
        And the second one is cropped like in the screenshot.

      • The Zlatan

        You are awesome!

  • Jill Curran

    I don’t see the update :(. It’s not available yet to public beta testers? I’m still on beta 2

    • 5723alex .

      For now only for Devs.

    • Anonymous

      Reinstall profile | iOS10 Developer Beta 3 | www78_zippyshare_com/d/zAxZfOdl/705183/iOS_10_beta_Configuration_Profile.mobileconfig

  • seju

    Memories section doesn’t work.stuck on scanning .

  • Caylan G.

    Why can’t I see this update? I’m a beta tester and I don’t see the update. I’m still on the first iOS 10 beta and haven’t been able to update to beta 2 and now beta 3 is out and I don’t see that update either. Someone help 🙁

    • Gregory D Foster

      I think (could be wrong) that public beta testers were on beta 1 and developers have moved up to 3.

    • Anonymous

      Reinstall profile and then you can see iOS10 Developer Beta 3. | www78_zippyshare_com/d/zAxZfOdl/705183/iOS_10_beta_Configuration_Profile.mobileconfig

      • Jason B

        Why do you keep spamming that message when someone asks about BETA TESTERS? Beta testers and dev’s are in two different groups…

      • Anonymous

        Relax and read with carefully:

        Why can’t I see this update? I’m a beta tester and I don’t see the update. I’m still on the first iOS 10 beta and haven’t been able to update to beta 2 and now beta 3 is out and I don’t see that update either. Someone help 🙁

        Video walkthrough: everything new in iOS 10 beta 3

        Christian Zibreg

        So, don’t spam me please…
        Have a nice day.

      • Jason B

        I am reading with carefully!

        There is no beta tester update until probably tomorrow, only for devs, and even if your link circumvents the profile for beta testers, why would I trust a profile provided by someone other than Apple?

      • Anonymous

      • Jason B

        I realize that, but you are confusing people that the dev release is the same as the beta tester release. Just let them get it the day they are supposed to…

      • Anonymous

        Nope. Christian Zibreg confusing people. I just helping people. EOT

  • mahe

    “iOS 10 fixes that behavior so the feature now works precisely as you’d expect it to. On an iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus, pressing a Messages notification now reveals the current message in an overlay instead of pulling up the entire message thread.”

    But that’s not what I’m expecting …
    This is a step back and doesn’t make sense to me at all …

  • seju

    No News app since I installed beta 2 and no emojis predecting while typing

  • QP

    on iPhone 6s is great, on iPad air (1) isn’t so i downgraded. It was drastically slower, almost unusable even deactivating all the features.

  • iltas


  • czbird

    Does iOS 10 finally show all today’s appointments on lock screen? Not having this is driving me crazy since I bought the 5SE and got no JB…

  • Hendo27

    Is this an OTA update? Because mine still says the beta 2 is up to date.

  • Titan3636

    Anyone have Bank of America app issues? Mine works on iPad Pro but not iPhone on any ios10 beta

  • Omar D. Plumey

    Public beta 3 out today?

  • Jill Curran

    so I installed the beta 3 but my control center hasn’t changed. I don’t see the many squares shown in the video . I see the same usual control center. Anyone else have this problem?

    • Those squares are settings for HomeKit. If you have HomeKit devices in your home then you can access to those settings in the control center

      • Jill Curran

        Ah thank you. U haven’t set homekit up yet. I will definitely look into it

  • Scottiedubya

    My phone still says iOS 10.0 is up to date!! What gives?

    • Did you delete the profile?

      • Scottiedubya

        No its still on my phone

      • try to install the profile again

      • Scottiedubya

        Did that.Thanks for replying.

  • @joshbauer303

    These authors should really write these articles more carefully. DEVELOPERS have Beta 3 available to them today. PUBLIC BETA TESTERS will have Beta 3 within a couple days AFTER Developers have time to work with it. There’s a difference and would keep a lot of readers from being confused as to why they aren’t seeing the Update available to them just yet.

  • Gerald Qato

    At least now pokemon go works better. Battery saver didn’t work and i had to use ac mode because it couldn’t orientate. I downgraded to ios 9.3.3 but alot of data and apps were optimized only for ios 10 and alot of things weren’t opening so I had to try my chances with ios 10 beta 3 and now pokemon go works the same as in 9

  • I’m a public beta tester and i still don’t have Beta 3. Anyone knows if Public beta tester have to wait longer?

  • Wild2nite

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    rich notifications from locksreen for non 3D-Touch devices available in the latest beta?