When Apple unveiled iOS 5 last Monday, Steve Jobs mentioned that their new OS for mobile devices included 200 new features. 10 of them were demo’d on stage, but what happens to the 190 remaining features?

Apple didn’t give us a list of these 200 features, so it was left to beta testers to find them out by themselves. After spending almost a week with iOS 5, we’ve compiled the most comprehensive list of new iOS 5 features to date. This list counts 121+ new iOS 5 features, both documented and undocumented…

The way Apple counts “new features” can be a little redundant. For example, Twitter integration is not just 1 feature but it covers several of them (ie. Twitter for maps, Twitter for Safari, etc…), so technically, there aren’t really 200 new features.

Notifications (full details)

Twitter Integration (full details)

  • Single sign on
  • Install Twitter from Settings app
  • Tweet a location in Maps
  • Tweet a picture from the camera roll
  • Tweet a link from Safari
  • Tweet a video from YouTube
  • Apply your friends’ Twitter usernames and pictures to contact
  • Special keyboard when using the Twitter integration

PC Free and iCloud

  • New welcome screen when you first turn on your device
  • Activate device without a computer
  • Update device OTA
  • Backup settings
  • Backup photos
  • Backup purchased music, apps, and books
  • Backup app data
  • Backup homescreen and app organization
  • Backup Text Messages and MMS
  • Backup ringtones
  • Restore from iCloud
  • Automatic downloads
  • Past purchases
  • Sync bookmarks, highlights, etc in iBooks across devices
  • Sync documents (ie Pages, Keynote, etc) across devices and machines
  • Check app usage
  • Option to buy more storage


  • iMessage
  • Set specific SMS ringtones to contacts
  • Text Messages show a green bubble
  • iMessages show a blue bubble
  • Send pictures and videos with iMessage
  • See when people are typing an iMessage
  • Enable Read Receipts for iMessage in Settings
  • Repeat alerts up to 10 times
  • Use Apple ID to activate Facetime and iMessages on iPhone

Camera and Photos




  • Local weather
  • Weather hour by hour
  • Swipe the weather widget in Notification Center to see 5 day forecast

Phone & Contacts


  • Year view on iPad in landscape mode
  • Week view on iPhone in landscape mode
  • Tap to create a new event
  • Tap and drag to adjust time and duration of an event
  • Add, rename, and delete calendars from the device
  • View event attachments
  • In day view, swipe left or right to go to next or previous day
  • In month view, tap and hold a day to add a new event
  • Select tone for calendar alerts in Settings app

Game Center

  • Add a profile picture
  • Make your profile private or public
  • Friends recommendations
  • New games suggestions
  • New games downloads
  • New achievements scores
  • New notification sound

Music App


New Apple Apps


Multitasking Gestures (iPad Only)

  • Swipe up with 4 fingers to show the app switcher
  • Pinch to return to home screen
  • Swipe left and right to switch between apps

AirPlay Mirroring

User Interface

  • New rounded toggles
  • Widgets (Stocks and Weather)
  • New Videos app and icon

Other Features

We need your help. If we missed something, please leave a comment below and we will add your findings to the list.

  • gssangha

    Also we can use our apple ID to activate FaceTime and iMessage on iPhone

  • Is FaceTime over 3G one? How about High Quality videos on YouTube via 3G?

    • Joe

      They said both of those things we’re enabled on tipb.com

  • Also, you can edit your number in Phone settings in iOS 4.3.3.

  • Erik

    Thank you for putting this together. I was looking for a list like this over the weekend.

  • AMB

    Nice list, some of the most useful features finally becoming available!

  • Ben

    Can you zoom in with video recording and also can you zoom into a video on the camera roll?

  • William

    what’s “In app notifications”?

    • Marc Glave

      When ur in an app, like a game, a pop-up displays at the top of the screen instead of in the middle.

  • Ade Aderinto

    Good job. Very comprehensive. When will Apple include SMS delivery notification?

  • Very nice list. I really want iOS 5 but at the same time I want to keep my jailbreak and the tweaks/apps I have added. Hopefully one is releases very close to when iOS 5 comes out and all jb apps are quickly supported.

    Of course I’m sure it will release the same day as the new iPhone with which you’ll be given no choice

    • Bradley Kelly

      there are already jailbreaks for the beta versions so i think that will be a jailbreak when it releases.

  • Vioce memos can flip upside down in iOS 4.3.3

  • Bill

    Isn’t the location-based notifications part of it too?

  • Janna

    Do you know if there is a way to add photos or attachments directly from Mail on IOS 5?

  • truegamefamily

    You can mirror with iPhone 4 too with apple tv

  • James

    Rotate photos?

  • Burge

    Larger text option ..erm …no… had that before and now i’am back on 4.3.3 .. I’ve just check ..and i’am right …

  • Redford

    Nice list of updates.. But will the iOS 5 play flash enabled website in Safari? Apple still not considering this as many users wanted it..

  • Nick

    Is there a way to create a custom route in Maps? Obviously the suggested routes is a start, but they need to implement a way to drag the route just like in Google Maps.

  • √Črico

    in music app, you forgot to say that genius got a new presentation with 4 covers at once.

  • Taby

    Mirror your iPad 2 or iPhone 4 screen on your TV via Apple TV.

    Is this really possible on iPhone 4. Someone please confirm dosent seem right, thought it was only iPad 2.

  • Jaredddd

    Only thing I hate about iOS 5 is that they separated the music and videos and split up iPod app. Just more clutter in my springboard

  • PhittyPois0n

    so when are we gonna officially have iOS 5?

  • Adam

    Cool features! Cant wait! Some of them, like Emoji, Data Usage – I bought this apps (stupid, since there’s free version) now available in device. iMessage is BBM for apple (with better features!) but, are they any better than whatsapp? iMessage is only for iDevices. Gonna wait for more since this is not The Ultimate List…. But thanks.

  • Tony

    Does IOS 5 bring true multitasking, or are the apps still frozen in the background ?

    Because that for me is not multitasking at all. I hope they do something about it but i guess backgrounder + multiflow is an excellent replacement for apple’s fail attempt to multitask.

    • Mikkel Tiedt

      Apple never said they made ‘true multitasking’. That would just drain the battery.
      Most users including myself don’t need it, but we need to get back to where we were when leaving a program.

  • Kevin

    how about a facebook integration? a tweak for switching url’s from twitter for facebook?

  • Beto

    You cant use the multitasking gestures on the ipad only on ipad2