Breaking: New iOS 5 Albums and Camera Photos Emerge

More photo goodness has emerged from a friendly email, and this time they illustrate some new features surrounding photos.

To be more specific, these images focus on album creation and management.

In iOS 5, you’re no longer relegated to managing your photo albums on your Mac or PC; nope, now you can manage albums directly on your iPhone.

Apple is apparently very serious about their new PC Free initiative, and it shows when looking at the screenshots contained inside…


As you can see from the above screenshots, managing your photos on your iPhone will no longer be a ridiculously frustrating experience. Coupled with iCloud and these new on-device management options, managing your photos and galleries will be a breeze in iOS 5.

Along with that, there’s also a much-improved camera, and you can see one of the new camera features — the grid — in the screenshot above as well.

Doesn’t looking at these shots make you wish you could speed up time and get right to the Fall?