New in iOS 5: AirPlay Mirroring for iPad 2

We did a post about the future of iOS gaming a few days ago, but the article only touched on the potential of the young platform.  For the last couple of years, Apple has been putting pieces in place to make iOS a heavy hitter in the mobile gaming industry.

First, there came the App Store, which provided a distribution channel for iOS games. Then came innovations like the 3-axis gyroscope for motion control and AirPlay to wirelessly stream content. The latest piece of the puzzle is the new iPad 2 mirroring feature in iOS 5

With the new mirroring feature, gameplay from an iPad 2 can be wirelessly streamed to your TV set (provided you have an Apple TV2) in full HD. You can even control the on-screen action using the iPad 2’s touch screen or its built-in motion sensor.

Check out this awesome demo video from the folks over at Apple’n’Apps. Notice how Real Racing 2’s dual screen mode works over AirPlay. The action shows up in 1080p on the big screen, while the iPad displays useful in-game information.


I’m surprised at how well the mirroring works, considering none of the apps have been optimized for the new feature. Imagine when developers start designing applications based on the new AirPlay technology.

I’m thinking that an iPad 2 bowling game mirrored on a TV screen would be a good time. Especially since it would be possible to connect an iPod touch or iPhone to use as a Wii-style remote, allowing you to actually roll the ball. Wow, Apple may really be onto something here.

How would you take advantage of Apple’s new wireless mirroring feature?