App Usage and iCloud Settings in iOS 5

Yesterday, Apple unveiled the next version of their mobile software called iOS 5. We’ve already shown you a lot of iOS 5, including some screenshots of things like Notifications Center and the new Music app.

We’ve got a few more iOS 5 screenshots to show you, and these reveal some of iCloud’s settings and customizations. A similar, new feature in iOS 5 is the ability to view memory usage for different apps alongside iCloud usage…

As you can tell, there are plenty of new settings to play with concerning iCloud.

You can toggle iCloud syncing with everything from Mail to your bookmarks. Your iCloud storage and backup usage is always available for viewing, and you can buy more storage if you plan on exceeding the 5GB that Apple offers for free.

The settings for Photo Stream look a lot like the current Photos app. The last screenshots show the Automatic Downloads feature of iOS 5 that works with iCloud to allow your purchased iTunes content to by synced wirelessly across all of your devices.

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