How to save translations and browse recents in the Translate app

Favorites in Translate iPhone

With iOS 14, Apple brought a handy new app to iPhone called Translate. Aside from receiving translations in several languages from French to German to Spanish, you can save translations. This lets you mark favorites and refer to them any time you need them.

This tutorial shows you how to save and browse your recent translations in the Translate app on iPhone.

Review: WT2 Plus translation earbuds bring us one step closer to a Babel Fish type experience

If your foreign language skills leave a lot to be desired, these specialized earbuds from a Chinese brand, called TimeKettle, provide near real-time translation from one language to another, with 95 percent translation accuracy and support for enough language pairs to cover more than 80 percent of the world’s population. Here’s how they work in real life.

How to translate a page in Safari on iPhone, iPad, and Mac

Safari Translate Webpage iPad

You’ve had ways to translate webpages in Safari on your device in the past. You could use a tool like Microsoft Translate or create a shortcut to translate pages. But with iOS 14, iPadOS 14, and macOS Big Sur, you no longer have to jump through hoops.

That’s right, after a long time of waiting, you can translate pages in Safari without any extra tools or apps. Safari on iPhone,  iPad, and Mac has a built-in translation tool and here we’ll show you how to use it.

How to create a Shortcut to translate articles in Safari on iOS

French Article in Safari iPhone

Have you ever come across a website in another dialect that didn’t give you the option to pick your own language? If there was an article you really wanted to check out, you probably looked for a translation tool to use, which unfortunately wastes time.

So if you browse the web or do searches in Safari on your iPhone or iPad, there’s an easy way to translate articles. This is especially handy if you want to read articles in different dialects often. This tutorial shows you how to create a Shortcut to translate articles in Safari.

How to translate documents and text in Word on Mac

Word Translate Document on Mac

If you use Microsoft Word on your Mac for creating documents, then you know it has some nice features. And if you’re writing something that you want to translate into another language, Word has that feature built right into it.

You can translate an entire document or just specific text. So if you want to send or share your work with someone speaking a different dialect, in business for example, this is handy.

Here’s how to translate documents in Word for Mac.

The best Apple Watch travel apps for an easier trip

Best Apple Watch Travel Apps - iTranslate Converse

There’s no easier way to keep up with your travel arrangements than right from your wrist. With Apple Watch travel apps, you can check your flight, view your accommodations, look for restaurants, translate a language, and convert currency.

If you’re getting ready for your next trip, make sure to check out our list of the best Apple Watch travel apps to make your journey a bit easier.

Translomatic makes it easy to translate text to other languages in almost any app

If you occasionally stumble upon a text written in another language that you don’t understand, then you might be quick to use a third-party translation service such as Google Translate to get a better idea about what’s being said. But what if you never needed to leave the app you were in?

With the help of a newly-released jailbreak tweak dubbed Translomatic by iOS developer FoxfortMobile, you can now enjoy this type of integrated experience on your jailbroken handset in almost any app you use.

How to use Siri to translate on HomePod

HomePod white

If you own a HomePod, then you already know that it’s more than just a fancy speaker. You can use HomePod and Siri to set up timers while you cook, get the local weather, and catch up on your favorite sports teams.

So, if you need to translate a language, of course, Siri can help. Here’s how to use Siri to translate on your HomePod.