How to download languages in the Translate app to your iPhone or iPad for offline translation

Before you can use the iPhone or iPad Translate app without an Internet connection, you’ll need to download language packs. In this brief tutorial, we’ll show you how to download languages to your iPhone or iPad so you can use it for offline translation.

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How to download languages to iPhone or iPad for offline translation

Method 1: From the Settings app

  1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Scroll down and tap Translate.
  3. Select Downloaded Languages.
  4. Tap the download arrow button next to a language to save it locally for offline use.
Download translation languages from iPhone Settings for offline use

You’re advised not to quit the app until the language packs have finished downloading.

You can download as many languages as you want as long as they’re listed underneath the heading “Languages Available For Download.”

Method 2: From the Translate app

  1. Open the Translate app and be in the Translation tab.
  2. Tap one of the downward-facing arrows from the top to see the languages.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the language list and tap Manage Languages.
  4. Tap the download button to save the language for offline use.
Download languages in iPhone Translate app for offline use

With the selected languages downloaded, set them as your source and target at the top of the Translate app. Now you can start using the Translate app to translate as you normally would, but now without an internet connection.

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Because offline translation happens directly on your device, which has less computing power than Apple’s servers, on-device translation may not be as accurate as online translation.

How to remove downloaded languages

When you download a language to use offline, the download will take up space on your device. If you’re running low on storage space on your iPhone or iPad, consider removing a downloaded language from the app by following these steps:

  1. Follow one of the above methods to go to the Manage Languages screen.
  2. Swipe left on the downloaded language you wish to remove, and tap Delete.
  3. Repeat the process for any downloaded languages you no longer need.
Delete downloaded Translate language on iPhone

If you plan on mostly using Apple Translate in offline mode (i.e., when traveling abroad), it may be a good idea to set the app to never use your device’s internet connection. To do so, go to Settings > Translate and slide the switch “On-device mode” to the ON position.

Doing so will tell Translate to only translate directly on the device using the languages you’ve downloaded for offline functionality. This will ensure that the app doesn’t use costly roaming data when you attempt to translate something in a foreign language that’s unavailable offline.

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