How to view or delete your history in the Translate app on iPhone

The Translate app that Apple introduced with iOS 14 is a handy tool. As we do business or work with people from around the world, a built-in translation tool is certainly convenient.

While Translate doesn’t offer loads of features, it does give you the essentials. One of these being your translation history. This lets you easily grab translations you’ve received before to reuse. And for translations you’ll never need again, like those silly ones you used just to play with the app, you can remove them from your history.

Here, we’ll show you how to view and delete your history in Translate on iPhone as well as turn past translations into favorites.

Access your Translate history

Accessing your history in the Translate app is not obvious. There’s no tab or button. Sure, you can view your Recent translations in the Favorites section. But there’s another trick to viewing your history.

On the main Translate screen, swipe down from the translation box. Boom, there it is!

Translate Swipe Down for History

Now, you can tap a translation in your history to put it front and center to read or hear it again.

Delete your Translate history

With your Translate history in view on iPhone, swipe from right to left. You’ll see options to Delete or Favorite the translation. As a reminder, you have a tab at the bottom for those Favorites that you need over and over.

Translate Swipe to Delete

Note: If you delete a translation in the history, it will also remove it from the Recents area of the Favorites section.

Wrapping it up

If you take advantage of the Translate app, then you’ll want to keep it somewhat organized so you can find past translations easily. Taking a moment to view your history and delete translations you know you won’t use again helps you do that.

What tips do you have for the Translate app? Share them with us below!