Split View

Word and PowerPoint gain Split View, trackpad support coming to Office for iOS by the fall

Keeping true to its promise, Microsoft yesterday updated its Word and PowerPoint productivity apps on the App Store with the ability to open two documents in a side-by-side view on iPad via Split View multitasking support. The Excel app did not pick up Split View support at post time, however. Microsoft has also acknowledged that it's working on implementing iPadOS trackpad support for the Office suite, but don't expect to be taking advantage of it before the fall.

How to disable Split View and Slide Over on iPad

Split View on iPad Calendar Notes

Split View and Slide Over are great multitasking features for iPad. You can work with two apps simultaneously and quickly access an app that you need while working with another. But, if these are features you never use or find that you are accidentally invoking them and want to stop, you can simply turn them off.

Here’s how to disable Split View and Slide Over on iPad.

How to browse multiple sites at once on iPhone or iPad with Split Web Browser

Split Web Browser iPhone Two Screens Landscape

A great feature of any browser, whether mobile or desktop, is the ability to use many tabs at once. You can open various sites in different tabs and flip between them. But if there was an even easier way to work with more than one site at a time?

This is where Split Web Browser comes in to help. This handy browser for iPhone and iPad lets you view those different websites on a single screen that’s split to accommodate each one. So, here’s how to browse multiple sites at once on your iPhone or iPad with Split Web Browser.